Yankee Fleet 2006



Sept. 26, 2006 Aboard the Yankee Clipper.

Sun Rise on the Annisquam River is as pretty as anywhere on Earth! The day started out with a good deal of wind. But the skies were blue and the forecast called for diminishing winds. We were more worried if we were going to leave with only 12 paying customers on board.

Capt. Rob dispelled any rumors with a roar of the engines and we were off. The draw bridge opened and we were on our way. We motored for 2 hours in a ESE direction bringing us  some 30 miles east of our starting point. "Elmer" immediately hooked up with a 6 pound haddock and soon had a couple on the deck.

   Plenty of things to look at as you travel back and forth to the fishing grounds.

                      "Mar-E"  has one! And it's a long way up from 260 feet!                   

"Mar-E"  catches her first haddock a 19+ inch beauty! It amazed me how many fish were caught by only 12 people, the crew also got in some fishing, catching some for their own tables. The "boys" were busy filleting fish for most of the ride home and they were experts at what they do. Mary kept the galley running smoothly with plenty of refreshments available. Most of today's catch was haddock. Good sized ones up to 6 lbs or better.  There were a few cod mixed in, though none bigger than 6 lbs.  Some good sized cusk filled out the catch.

The Yankee Fleet offers a number of options for deep sea fishing and Capt. Rob did a good job putting us on fish in less than ideal conditions. Don't overlook this outfit as they always put fish in the boat.


                                                                                       Story by Elmer Mudguaard  photos by Mar-E & Elmer