Winter Sunday Mornings Carp Fishing the Charles River

written by Elmer Mudguaard          photos by Jimdogg

Bite Me Bait Co's    Elmer, Mar-e and Jimdogg  join up with  Carp Angler's Group on the Charles River

Mar-e catches a nice 13 lb fish to win top honors for the day and Jimdogg catches his first carp a 12 pounder! While guide Vinny Jeffreys looks on.

Got the winter blues? Ice conditions in your area lousy? Then take a trip into Boston or Cambridge and fish for carp in the Charles River.  This surprisingly tough game fish will give you some great action on light gear. In winter, fish the warm water inflows that enter the river on both sides. Our "guides" for the morning were Vinny Jeffreys and Scott Osmond. Both are CAG members and top notch carp fishermen. They guided us to prime parking spots and prime fishing! This morning we are on the Boston side and the fishing action started right from the git go. Guide Vinny hooked up almost immediately and landed a small one. Vinny won the most fish caught hands down and Scott landed plenty while free lining.  The action continued and soon everyone had their fish. Most were 'commons" with a couple that Scott said maybe "ghost" carp. The smile on Jimdogg's face says it all. "Now I'm hooked on carp fishing."  Bread and sweet corn were the baits of the day. Free lining or hair rigs worked equally well. Most fish averaged 8-9 lbs. with a fair number over 10 lbs. We fished from 06:30 - 10:00AM and landed 30 fish between 5 of us. Scott Osmond our "other" guide gave us a history of carp and carp fishing in America and was quite informative. Colors varied from dark brown to almost golden colored. The weather was grand and the temperature was near 40 degrees making for a beautiful day. We had plenty of onlookers as this spot, like most along the river, attracts plenty of joggers and dog walkers.

All carp are released to fight again!

Mar-e hooks her 13 pounder as Scott springs into action and Elmer holds one of the "Ghost" carp she caught.