"Bite me Bait Co."

Kayak Corner

by Elmer Mudguaard & Mar-E

photos by Elmer, Mar-E & Jimdogg


Here on the kayak page we want to try to give you ideas on places to launch, what to look for and what to avoid. Sometimes we fish along the way and other times we just paddle and get some great exercise. Some basics of kayaking are: 

1.  plan your trip--- write down the particulars and have a secondary plan incase your original trip falls through.     ie...parking lot is full. Leave a note at home.

2. Get a line that attaches to your paddle. Even if it floats it can still be difficult to reach it!

3. Personal Flotation Device don't leave the shore without it ON!!!   It's no good if you have an accident and it isn't in reach.

4. Plan for how much gear to take and store it well in waterproof bags. A camera is a must.

5. Go and have a great and safe trip!!


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