Taking a brother-in-law fishing carp fishing for the first time?

Better hope you stay married to my sister because you just got me for life!

Author Corey Clough and Jimmy

The weather was hot and the girls had things to do so, my wife suggested I take her brother carp fishing. The rest is history in the making.

It was the 4th of July weekend so my wife and I decided to have her brother and girlfriend over for the for the fireworks and celebrations.  My wife pulled me aside and asked me to bring Jimmy Carp Fishing. He has never been and he sees your pictures and asks about it all the time. So I asked him and he was honored because he has  never fished before. Next thing was to get prepared to go out in the morning on the 4th. First thing first he registered online, got a 3-Day license and then off to Stop and Shop to get some method mix for the morning. I went over the whole purpose of using method mix (ground bait) with him before going to bed and showed him a few different rigs used to catch carp. So off to a good nights rest and dream of catching Carp. LOL

And catch carp we did!

Take a brother-in-law out fishing and you have another in law you can't get away from!

And that can be a good thing when he's just like Jimmy!

Now comes morning and we hit Dunkin Donuts before going to our destination the Merrimack River. On our way I quickly go over how to bait the hook so he understand how the carp take the bait. When we got there I physically showed him how its done and he caught on like a pro. Now came the baiting campaign and we threw about 8 monster size method balls out all over the swim. We get our rods in the water, sit back, and relax. Only about 15-20 minutes after setting our lines, we started landing Carp. The day was so beautiful, we ended up fishing for about 5 hours. And a productive 5 hours it was. We landed 5 fish a piece ranging from 10lbs to 20lbs. Jimmy did extremely well landing his fish considering it was his first time ever fishing. The river often has hidden debris making for some tough fishing at times. We had a great time on the bank together and another carp fisherman is born. After we left Jimmy was pretty sore from catching these hard fighting fish and fell asleep in the car on the way home. Felicia, my wife, and I got to spend some quality time together with her brother and his girlfriend, caught some nice fish, did some superb grilling and watched the fireworks go off above the mighty Charles River. Till next time!   



The smile always says it all!


Perfect day on the Merrimac River


Plenty of nice fish being caught.!

One more, I just want to catch one more!!!! OK Jimmy Go for it!

Take a new guy or gal fishing and that's one more friend you will have for life.