Sunday Mornings and Carp Fishing

The Merrimac River is a good choice to get your carp prayers answered!

The weatherman said just an outside chance of showers. Sure enough when we got outside, we had showers. As Mar-e, grandson Matt and I arrived the rain started falling. But we didn't let it dampen our spirits as we set up for the morning bite. A yelp from Vinny helped fuel the excitement as Mar-e and Matt went to net and photograph the first fish. Vinny brought a nice 15+ common to the net and Mar-e made short work of it.

 Another quick hit and run brought a second nice fish near 17 pounds and the bite was on. My poor grandson thinks you only go fishing on rainy cold days. But he soon heated up as got one on only to lose it near the net. He had three on, but none landed. I think he's hooked. Mar-e managed to sneak by both Matt and myself to grab the screamer and an 11 pound fish. The water level was still high and the current running quickly, but that enhances the chances along this stretch of the Merrimac River as a good back eddy sets up and the fish appear to hold in it.



We had 15 runs  in 3 hours and 5 landed. The biggest was 18 pounds.  I did have a nice one that was hung up in the tree. Just couldn't get it up and over.