Salt Pond Eastham to the open ocean of the outer Cape.


This area is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Put in at Collins Landing which is found on the eastbound side of Rte 6. In this shallow salt pond some oyster farming is done and racks are scattered along the edges. Make your way across and exit out the east end into the estuary. At low tide you need to be aware of running aground, as the channel doesn't hold a lot of water.  Watching the Hermit Crabs scurry about and the little fluke swimming ahead, make shallow water fun to run in. As you can see the weather was just perfect for this kayak trip!


Oh Oh looks like a grounding coming up! Full reverse,  Saved in the nick of time.

"We were just practicing our emergency landing" laughed Jack and Cindy.

Shore birds cover the flats and give you all the hints you need to stay afloat. Parking is somewhat limited but people are coming and going all day. Bring the sunscreen and a camera. Well I bring my camera woman, Mar-E and I carry the fishing rod. Just incase.  We also stopped by Nauset Light and watched schools of bait fish being chased a few hundred yards from shore.            


A beautiful run done best near the bottom of the tide. Ride the ebb (out going) to the mouth and the flow, (in coming) back to your car. Bring the sun block, a couple of cold ones, and set sail for the coast.

Story by Elmer Mudguaard Photos by Mar-E