Rockland Town Forest renamed George Anderson Town Forest

Beautiful wife Ginny supports her husband 100%

Dedication to the cause brings appropriate response from the Town and it's people.

Thank You George!

Andy may look like a chef but he was one of the instrumental persons making George Anderson Day a complete success! Peter (Ewell) Park of course. Is there any group he doesn't volunteer for? Thanks to all, you to Doug!

There are many people to thank for making today a success for the Town of Rockland. To many to try to list so I will skim across the crowd and hope I didn't slight any one. There was a strong police contingent with both the Chief and the Deputy along with others that weren't even on details. Many old and new selectmen were there. Some like Mary Parsons were strong supporters of George and his efforts at the town forest. "This is a good thing for George and the Town." said Mary. "He is one of Rockland's finest if ever there was one." Selectmen Lawrence Chaffee was there along with Bill Minahan and his daughter Sam.  Paul and Carole Mooney from the present past, made a cameo appearance, so did State Rep Bob Nyman, on his way to an Eagle Scout Awarding.


A. Stephen Tobin, a candidate for State Senate, hams it up with the Childs family matriarch Cynda, while husband Rudy looks on with Zoning board member Rita Howe. Vic Solari talks about how Rockland is improving with State Representative Bob Nyman, and Rockland Assessor Heidi Hosmer marveled at the turnout. "What a great time and the people!!!!! I never thought people paid attention to the little things. George has a lot of friends and supporters. This is what Rockland is all about!" Selectwomen Debbie Obrien also thought the day was grand. "Thanks to the organizers and a special thanks to George from the elected officials and the people of Rockland. Allan Chiocca town administrator was pleased with the overwhelming support this kind of endeavor brings to the town. "Rockland is a "People's Town" and I am glad to be a part of it."


The Town forest looked grand. All the trails were marked with some really nice signs and families strolled through the woods walking off the endless supply of food they ate while they were here.


One thing I learned from this day is that no one loves a captive audience more than George!  It wasn't until he saw Larry Ryan and Paul Mooney laughing and shaking hands that he went into shock. The other thing was Rollie Pigeon is really the voice behind Andy Triantaffelo. Andy has been miming this whole time!!!

Alright Elmer keep it moving. Don't make me have to do my Job!

All kidding aside. Thanks to all that made this day the success it was. A great day for the Town of Rockland and one of it's best citizens George Anderson.