Galilee Rhode Island Fluke Fishing


Elmer Jr. and me took a Fluke trip out of Galilee, Rhode Island. In an area with many charter boats available, we chose the charter above because they went to deep water to fish for large fluke. Captain Richie Deluca put the boat on some good drifts and many good sized fluke were caught. There were only 15 fisherman on board  this day. All fishing is done on the drift and large colored teasers with strips of squid and sparing, called silversides as trailers on the hook. Multiple pieces of bait are used and the key is to bounce your weight off the bottom and keep your bait moving with short strokes. The regulars all caught their limit, which is 7 fish,  minimum length of 17.5 inches. And they were very good sharing their fishing techniques with us.  Also caught were bluefish and a 25 lb. Monkfish. Thanks to the Captain and the crew for a great day on the water. And thanks to "On the Water" for Point Judith article.

Summer Flounder, The Fluke


                                                      Capt Richie and 1st Mate, Matt                                              

July 5, 2006

A repeat trip to Pt. Judith for fluke seemed the thing to do after the 4th. The weather was wet and the deep water day trip was scrubbed due to too few fishermen. So we switched boats and took the inshore all day fluke trip.  The tides weren't cooperating but still a good number of keepers were hauled aboard. I was fishing with green and red skirted fluke hooks, along with 5oz purple and white Cape Cod Canal jigs. The white caught more fish this day.   We made quite a few stops as we traversed the waters off the beaches west of the Point. The crew was very friendly and helpful. Bait was fresh and worked well when both squid strip and silversides were on the hook. I caught a dozen or more with 5 keepers and a couple of 17 inch fish that were released. Keep working your bait and don't be afraid to change your rig to see what is working best. A good take no matter what the weather, visit the "Frances Fleet" Galilee, Rhode Island.



August 29, 2006

No big fish today and the pool winner was shy of 5 lbs. There were plenty of keepers and most everyone had some. The crew was kept busy with calls for "NET" or "Stop reeling we have you over here!" Always a smile even putting up with an amateur. Capt. Richie can always find fish. There were a few sea bass and bluefish and bunch of skates. As always a good time was had by all and a full day of fishing beats a lot of things you could be doing. Mare-E caught 5 fish 3 were 20 inches or more and 2 were 17 inches and released. I did likewise with 3 and 2. Mare-E had the best weight for her 3. The Frances Fleet will be high on our list to visit when fluke season 2007 rolls around.

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"Elmer and Mare-E"

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