Mar-e and Elmer join the Tennessee gang for GREAT TIME!!!

 We left the Boston area for the lure of carp fishing in Tennessee on the first day of "Spring". Boy it sure didn't feel like it. Snow squalls driving across New York and recent rains flooding the Ohio River system, had us worrying about the fishing.  What we found was good water, some great new friends, and GREAT FISHING!  We pulled into Kingston on the 24th just after 2PM and before the truck was shut off I was on the phone to K-1. 

Carp catching video

Mar-e had found us a motel less than 3 miles from the "spot".  So with good directions and "Betty", our on board GPS system, we were there in minutes.  The wind was in our face and snow squalls tried to cool off our spirits. But it wasn't long after setting up that we heard the scream of a bite alarm. That one noise and I knew we were in for some good carp fishing. We caught a few nice fish that afternoon, and as we were wrapping up for the evening we had a double and Mar-e guessed the correct pole for her first mirror carp, an 11 pound fish.

 Boy were we hooked!  Knowing we were going to be fishing at this same place in the morning made our night seem long.  Long before first light we were there.  Then Charlie "Spoon" Whitted, Tennessee Chairman, showed up and introduced himself. He was on a prebaiting party in anticipation of the fishin on the 29th. He said we probably wouldn't get any over 20 pounds, but he was wrong as I already had a new new PB at 25 pounds 4 ounces. We were supposed to leave early Sat morning to head back north, but that changed to attend the fishin. Brad showed up and wet his lines and caught some nice fish on his own. Friday afternoon found us somehow back in Kingston and there was Big Bird. We caught some big fish and I managed to up my PB to 27lbs,3oz. common while he just missed his with a 28 lb. lump

We don't have the best peg....Yet.      Right Charlie?

Then the Captain pulled in with the rest of the Georgia boys  and set up camp. The rods were out and they brought some nice fish to the net. Morning started with heavy rain but spirits were high and soon the rains gave up and left us alone. I don't know the total of fishermen this day but the country was well represented. Thanks to Charlie, Wayne, Brian and all for taking us in and making us feel at home. A special thanks to "Ol Captain" Horace LaFavor, Mike "Big Bird" Strickland, Tim "Cool Dad" Gill, (also best grin) and "Bronco Billy" Turner, for sharing stories and making the fishin one of the best.


Smiles by the miles for all participants. There were a few new PB's handed out today and everyone had a great time that we could see.

"Ol Captain" Horace LaFavor brings some of the "Spirit of the Hooch" to Kingston!


Check out some of the tails as the scale patterns were slightly irregular.


Some great scenes with the fog and the Great Blue Herons


New PB 27lbs 3 oz Common, Kingston Tennessee

Big Bird playing a 28 pound beauty and Elmer holding a 25 pound 4 oz common.

Last fish I got before we had to head back north was this 18.5 pound common.                                          Who slipped that one in here?


U-Tube Video