Key West



Flying into Key West you pass over the Hilton owned island. Mallory Square is just to the right. It is here that everyone watches the sunset. Kayaking in Key West is a blast. Most hotels and resorts on the water have them for rent or as part of the package.

We walked up to Stock Key and I took Mare-E to the mangrove swamp and salt ponds adjacent to the airport. The warm shallow waters of the salt pond we traveled was filled with little jelly fish and various small fish. We also came across a large iguana swimming across the canal. It was seeking the safety of the mangrove after eating some expensive plants the residents grow in their gardens. The locals told me that there are two big ones in their area and they do a lot of damage. These are escapees or dumped in the wild by their owners.


Tarpon can be seen up close and personal by being on the dock when the fishing boats come in. Tarpon over 5 feet long swarm around the backs of the boats waiting for the mates to do their thing and drop the carcasses overboard. It is quite a spectacle to see. Dolphins and porpoises can be seen on any boat ride to the ocean.




And of course we went to Margarita Ville!