Jimdogg keeps his streak alive.

October 17, 2009

Gets himself two whoppers.

Jimdogg comes up with a pair of 22+ fish in surprisingly nice day weather wise.

We were prepared for  bad weather with winter coats and water proof jackets. We didn't need them. Though cool with a chill wind, the sun shone on us most of the day making it pleasant. The nice fish we caught made it even better. Jimdogg continues to get bigger fish each time out and his largest to date has reached 22 pounds 7 ounces. "If you can't chase stripers at the classic, then this is the next best thing." said Jimdogg. "When that drag starts screaming you have to shift into high gear to get your fish up in the water column and away from the snags on the bottom."

Roger Aziz Jr. dropped by with his son, Ozzie to lend a hand, while Jimdogg's 22/7 draws the neighbors out to enjoy the fun. "This is one of my favorite spots on the river." quipped Roger, "But I mostly fish across from here. The Merrimac River has some big carp in the tidal section."

We were fishing the incoming tide most of the time. The lunar tide coupled with the northeast winds drove an even high tide higher. 5 Hours fishing and 5 nice fish. We even caught the "God Fish". That's the fish you catch as your packing up to leave. You look up and ask God for just one more run. Then bang! Off goes the alarm and your sent on your way home with that warm fuzzy feeling. Here Elmer holds up the "God Fish" . (on right with the halo)

Jimdogg weighs and measures his fish just to make sure he isn't dreaming. 22 pounds 7 ounces 34 inches long and a girth of 23.5 inches. His carp jumped for joy at it's release. We were using different flavored maize, pineapple boilies and hair rigs. I made some maize flavored with little choke cherries from a tree out back of the house. They worked on two of the fish.


We hired a local to help clean up any method we may have left on the ground. He mentioned he wasn't the stool pigeon.