The Frenchie Dubois Incident!

Retired Guy was the first to pick up on him.  "Rock, Don't look now, but I think we may have picked up a bogey!" says RG.   "Seems to be trying to blend in with the rest of us." "All of a sudden he was just there, you say." says Rock Bottom. 

 "I'll be watching him. Nice Job RG." said Rock.


"Wow he's on me like a hawk! I can't do anything without the eyes on me. I'm covering up this hole so he won't remember where I caught this fish. I need to talk to the Earle to see what he thinks!

"I think you should leave ME the *$@# alone! He hasn't made me or RG yet! Get RG to handle him if he gets too close, he's got the duty." ordered the Earle. "Try ignoring him and see what that does."

"All right I'll mosey over to the next flag and see what happens." grumbled Rock. "He ain't spying you!"


So as Rock moseys over to the next flag, so does Frenchie put on his best mosey. "So you have a flag huh? Do mind if I watch? Do you thinks it's a big one? Don't you even know if you got one?" Frenchie keeps asking. "Was it live bait? Shiners or worms? And where did you ever get that hat??

"Please stand back from the hole so I can get my fish!" muttered Rock.

"How much line did he take? Are you near your button?"

"RG do your thing before I have to do mine!" roared the Grand Poobah. "OK Frenchie Dubois or whatever your real name is, your outta here! You've violated the Grand Poobah's hole long enough!"  RG yelled, as he escorted him away.

"I can't have just anyone watch me work my hole." laughed Rock Bottom. "I think his real interest was my famous beaver hat!"

Another obvious spy from our competition trying to steal our fishing secrets, snuffed out by the Bite Me Bait Co security team of RG and the Earle.

"Hey guys did you see where he disappeared to?" asked Rock. "Yeah and you don't need to know." shot back the Earle.

"Nice fish!"

At no time were any of the individuals portrayed in this soap opera aware of the parts they played in it.

The part of Frenchie Dubois played by Willy White Sneakers. No actually he's just a local, come over for a visit and welcomed by all.

Knockoff beaver hats available upon request.

Humor by Mudguaard