Fluke Fishing

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Having grown up in the flounder capital of the world, Mar-E and I decided it's time to introduce the "Boys" to the flat fish. On the Water magazine wrote a nice story on fluke fishing out of Pt. Judith, Rhode island. So we packed a lunch, loaded the gear in the truck and headed for RI.  Galilee is where you pick up the fishing boats. They can be found adjacent to the Block Island ferry. We chose the Frances Fleet out of the different charters, due to the fact they fish off shore.  It takes about an hour and a half to get there from Boston.  Another fine take is the Helen H out of Hyannis on Cape Cod. They also have good fluke trips and you get some nice black bass too on both the boats.  Click on the links below to check them out.


                                Point Judith Fluke Fishing















             Nantucket Fluke fishing



Fluke Fishing 2009


August 12, 2009

Fluke fishing near end of season in Massachusetts.

Billy Bob shows off one of his five keepers caught aboard the

 "Irish Ayes"

It was somewhat slower than other days, but by being persistent we put plenty of fish in the box. The day started at 2am and by 3am we were on our way to Falmouth. The weather was overcast but light winds made the 20 mile ride easy. The best part of the trip was when we found a large (39in) striper flapping weakly on the surface. We hooked on to it and soon had a great start to the day. Billy Bob had the hot hand and landed some big fish. Capt. G-No and Elmer were adding some nice fish of their own. Rock Bottom was fantasy fishing again in his perch on the bow for the first half of the day. But his persistence paid off with the biggest fish of the day at just under 5 pounds. Plenty of black sea bass and scup were caught also. Some of the scup were 14-15 inches long and were added to the box rounding out a grand slam of striper, fluke, black bass and scup. Captain G-No made the catch of the day when he netted a 24 inch fish that shook the hook at the boat. Elmer thought it was lost, but it hesitated a second too long on the surface. Capt. Kelly swung the net with precision and "The one that got away." didn't.

Elmer holds gift striped bass as he preps the gear to start cleaning the catch. Capt. G-No and Elmer made short work of filleting the catch and Rock Bottom was the skinner. Fluke fishing has been very productive for the Bite Me bait Co crew with many fish weighing in the 2-4 pound range.


July 19, 2009

Bite Me Bait Co aboard the "Irish Ayes"

Fluke Trip to Nomans Island filled with surprises.

Captain G-No takes time from a heavy "Irish Ayes" charter schedule to take fellow "Bite Me Bait Co" executives on a fluke trip to Nomans Island. Nomans is situated off the SW coast of Martha's Vineyard and is a Mecca for those fishermen who chase summer flounder. We beat the sunrise to the ocean today and with our usual high spirits, off we went. The day started and ended with success at every level. Jimdogg landed the biggest fluke of the day on the first drift.  We began in 40 feet of water and wham, right off the bat Jimdogg landed a 5.5 lb doormat and the rout was on.

We attempted to fish in some deeper water, hoping to score some big fish that grace the drop off area. Unfortunately that was where the dogfish were hanging out. An abrupt decision brought us back to the shallower water and as we drifted over a rock pile, we had a few surprises.

A 6 pound tautog, a 5 pound black bass and a nice fluke made for a sudden triple play. Everyone had net duty as we caught fish after fish. Many fish were in the 17-20 inch range and we threw back plenty of the feisty flat fish.

There were plenty of scup to be had and we caught plenty of them too. Lucky for them they were on the catch and release list for the day. The Capt. had the skate touch and caught way more than his fair share of the small rays. But he had plenty of fluke to go along with them.

We all had a great day fishing and the waters surrounding us are some of the best in the country. The trip in was a happy one and the traffic not so bad on the way home. Thanks to Capt. G-No we filled the boat with our targeted species once again. Fluke fishing season is a short one for Massachusetts, so plan  to visit your favorite spot soon.

August 1, 2009

Duo makes impact on Nomans Island Fluke

While the non-fishing vessels lined up to bid us good by, we went and braved a rough sea to get to where the fluke were. We chose a spot out of the SW sea near Nomans Island and boy were we glad to end up there. With Lucy our fluke dog in full gear waiting for the first one to be brought over the side, we were ready. . And it wasn't long before we were on our way to catching our limit of fluke. We had a bunch we threw back and some nice black sea bass to round out the days catch. Largest fish of the day was 5 lbs and 2 ozs. "It's been a great fishing season for us." said Cindy. "Ken's had a busy time filleting this year." "And it will be burgers all around tonite." called Ken. Lucy barked loudly in agreement. "Make mine a cheese burger."

Photos by Ken and Cindy

And when your bored on a day off. Call some friends and go "Bug" hunting. Divers down, bring lobsters up. "I'm going to go out and get me a Mega Millions ticket." says Ken gleefully. "Seems I can't miss these days."

"I took a few friends diving and we hit the sweet spot. The ocean floor looked like the SE Expressway on a Friday afternoon. We took advantage of the situation!"

Fluke Fishing 2008

The "Boys" show off a few of the many fluke caught off Falmouth and Martha's Vineyard.

Fluking has been steady all year for the BMBC crew. Solid fish from 18-22 inches make for 5 fish limits.

Constant action all day made for a good time! Black bass and scup help round out a good day for fish fillets.

Fluke Fishing 2007


Point Judith, Rhode Island Sept. 8, 2007

Water was rough! But we found some good fish.


AC scores a scup and fluke, while G-No shows the day's big one.


 stories by Elmer Mudguaard photos by Mar-E and Elmer



South Coast Fluke Fishing, Nantucket to Montauk

July means summer flounder or fluke as they are called. Today we fished between Wood's Hole and Martha's Vineyard. We took home 16 fish and released at least that many. 3 pounds was tops today but action was steady all day and we will return soon. G-No had the biggest and Rock Bottom and Elmer each had their limit. Deb had a nice keeper, Flann had a nearsy, along with Mar-e, who also chipped in netting fish. We also caught and released some black bass and scup which kept the action going.


Billy Bob gets first taste of fluke fishing.

Block Island saves the day.

The bite was on for fluke in Montauk, NY. So some of the team got together to test the waters.