Fishing between the raindrops.

September 6, 2008

Tropical storm Hanna sent one wave of heavy rain at us in the early morning hours of Saturday. Hearing the heavy rain on the roof, Mar-e said, "Beautiful! That means we can sleep in for another hour", which we did.  A quick call to Jimdogg got him on board and within an hour we were off to Methuen and the Merrimac River. Water levels were the lowest we had seen all summer, but there was still a good current running. We didn't know how the fishing would be with the big low pressure center heading our way and I do think it slowed down the action somewhat.

We still managed to come up with a couple of nice fish.

It wasn't long before Roger sniffed us out and set up his gear along side ours. He assisted Mar-e with her fish and showed Jimdogg the proper technique in bringing one to the net.

Shortly after this fish we packed it in as the second wave of rain came our way. And it came down hard all the way back to Rockland. Still, though we didn't break any records today, we broke the boredom of a rainy day. Remember to always practice catch and release with these gamefish.