Summer 2010

Black Rose Captain Rich Antonino gives a good hint: Go deep or go home!


There are plenty of good ground fishing going on into August this year and the good Captains know where they are. Today we were right on the spot. We took my brother Bill and his son Jeff to a deep hole and let the gear down.  "When does it hit the bottom Uncle Ken?" cried Jeff. "You will know because you will hook a fish and the rod will bend." said Uncle Ken. "You mean like this?"


"Great day on the water! Flat calm. "Taking my family fishing is always a part of our summer, and winter for that matter."


Cindy is no liability on these trips, she can handle the whole deal by herself! "I love to fish with our families. It only makes the day better and of course it raises our fish limit which I am always happy to fill." laughed Cindy. "I get more than my fair share"


It's safe to say brother Bill and his son Jeff will be waiting for the next call to come soon. Great fishing everyone!  Fresh fish for dinner!

Silver hake don't see them very often!