Cod fishing April 24 2010

Captain Dave Patry joins up with the Bite Me Bait Co for ground fishing expedition!  "I needed good fishermen to fish in the rough waters at one of my new secret spots." said Capt. Patry. "These guys will put fish on the deck and know how to keep their mouths shut." Billy Bob smoozes the Captain as first mate Twig looks on. "Did I tell you what a great time I had tuna fishing last year Dave?" smiled Billy Bob. "That's Captain Patry to you." laughed Dave. "Somehow I'm sure you'll be around for the blue fin tuna trips." Twig was only mildly upset with Billy Bob for hogging the limelight.

Capt. Dave and Billy Bob

"This year is picking up from where we left off last season!  Every time out we reach our quota of Atlantic Cod and plenty of Pollock to go around." says Captain Dave. " I hope the striped bass and tuna do just as well."

First Cod

"I didn't believe all of Elmer's stories about the intensity of the fishing." said first time cod catcher, Dr. Dan Lee. "I could barely stay standing with the rocking and rolling of the boat. But my son Chris and I soon got our sea legs and plenty of fish onto the deck. By the time we hit the dock on the way home I knew I had put out a lot of energy. Can't wait to do it again."

Dan Lee Hauling


Dawns early light had Jimdogg, Billy Bob and Elmer at the dock in Green Harbor. We were an hour early and enjoying every minute of the wait. Even at that early hour the dock is a busy place. Cars and trucks loaded with anxious fishermen were pulling in at steady stream as boats could be heard firing up their engines. Voices full of optimism for a good day on the water left everyone in a positive frame of mind and no one went home unhappy. Captain Dave and mate Paul Cronin, (Twig) soon had the Cathy Ann ready for duty and with only a minor slow down, blamed on poor Elmer, we were underway. The trip out was a blend of nice weather and conversation. Meanwhile the Captain was skillfully maneuvering the boat, losing any potential spies as we headed to a new spot to try.  We hit fish as soon as we dropped our lines with multiple hook ups of Pollock. Captain Patry showed us one of his secret spots and it panned out for everyone. Soon the deck was covered in fish and Twig was busy sorting out the keepers from the throw backs.


Twig coaches the rookie Chris Lee while Elmer coaches the "Real" rookie. his dad Dr. Lee. "First lesson. Be very careful when I have a fish on, or your liable to end up in the drink." Said Elmer. "You'll get a "reel' stress test out here." "How do you remain standing? That's my first question." queried the good doctor. The newbies held their own in rough seas and caught their fair share. Both Dr. Dan Lee and son Chris caught their first cod and Pollock .


Bob hooks and lands one of the many good size Pollock we caught. 2009's Fisherman of the Year was in fine form hauling in plenty of cod and Pollock for the box. "I got some great video of Dr. Lee catching. Didn't that smile of his say it all!"


"Hey, watch out there buddy you may be in violation of rule #1!  Did you ever hear of Jonah?" laughed Elmer. "Your not a rookie any more."


Dr Lee assumes the proper placement on the deck as Elmer adds another one to the box. "Hey Elmer,  put the cod in the cod tote not the Pollock one!" yelled Twig. "Doing the best I can Twig, I just have too many to toss."


"Hey Doc It hurts when I do this." said Twig. "Then don't do that." answered Dr. Lee. Twig continued, "Well your a cardiologist, should I put my heart  into my job?"   Even the gulls were laughing.


Plenty of whale action as the pods feed on the tons of sand eels and other bait that make this area a mecca for game fish and marine mammals. This particular whale hung around for a while feeding near the boat. There were plenty of whales in our area and that just makes the memories of a great fishing trip that much better.


Billy Bob was giving Chris some pointers on hanging on as the boat rocked and rolled. "Yes Chris the ladder elbow lock can be very effective!"


"I hope my dad takes me again soon . We had such a good time." said Chris. "Wait till he sees the amount of fish he has to take home." said Billy Bob.

  "Fish whore at 2 o'clock! cried Elmer. We dodged some of the fleet boys that came down to see how we were doing. "Hang on boys we're moving. We're not giving any secrets away today." cried the Captain. "Everyone has a honey hole or two out here you protect."


Back at the dock Twig made short work of a lot of fish. There was plenty of fish for all! Thanks to young legs we got the fish to the coolers and headed home.

Thanks Captain Dave & Twig our mate on the Cathy Ann for a great time.

"Was I supposed to clean all of these myself." said Twig tongue in cheek.

Parting Shot

Want to catch Cod and other ground fish?

Then Call Dave Patry and board the Cathy Ann for a day of catching!