Charles River Rte. 109 Millis to the S. Natick Dam

Want a nice day on the river?

Then take a trip on the Charles River.



Put in behind the closed restaurant on Rte 109 just after you cross the Charles River coming south from Sherborn. This section of river passes through some wide open meadows and swamp to hard wood hills. Be prepared to spend the best part of 4-5 hours working your way down stream to the dam. There are haul outs at every bridge and setting up for picnics along the way is not a problem.  The "girls" love touring the rivers as the temperatures are warm and you are able to converse with each other with no problems.


Rock Bottom inspects a home made Cajun canoe. There were many travelers along the way, kayaks, john boats, canoes, and even a swimmer! Scenery is just beautiful as you paddle or drift along at your leisure.Birds, turtles, frogs and an occasional muskrat will keep your eyes busy!


Jimdogg and Rock Bottom did some fishing along the way and Jimdogg caught a small bass. Crossing under bridges is always fun and we just missed the train.  While we took some 4 hours to get there, the trip seemed too short. We had a truck waiting for us at the S. Natick dam and we were soon on our way home.

Story by Elmer Mudguaard