Carp Fishing Massachusetts

Connecticut River and Associated Waterways

 Where does one start to fish carp in Massachusetts?

The first thing the novice carp angler needs to know is where the best swims are in your area. For those in the middle of the state that would be the Connecticut River.  Some of the states best carp fishing can be found there. The Connecticut disects the state from north to south along US 91 and Rte 5.  For the first timer the place to start is in the area of the Oxbow Lake in East and North Hampton. Large carp can be caught in this stretch of the river and the surrounding waterways.  Choices for swims abound as all the surrounding waters hold carp. The river itself produces many fish over 30 pounds and the official state record comes from here. A study of the MA state carp pin awards features the river for a majority of the pins.  Boat ramps and parks will provide the novice a reliable place to start their quest for this top game fish.

The Mill River, Manhan River, Danks Pond, and Hulberts Pond all connect to the river and will produce quality carp for the patient angler.

Many types of carp can be caught in these waters, common, mirror, and grass carp can be caught to trophy size.


Farther north the Deerfield River joins the Connecticut in Greenfield. This is another good place to seek the elusive carp. Look for swims near the mouths of rivers and streams that enter the Connecticut River.  Another place to investigate is the area the area of the Chicopee River. This is south of the Oxbow and also quite productive. Join the growing numbers of sportsmen and women seeking the largest freshwater game fish in Massachusetts. Please report all fish over 15 pounds to the state division of fisheries. This will show that the carp is the most sought after game fish in state waters. Happy Fishing

 All maps are reproduced from Megellan Mapsend Direct Route

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