Carp Angler's Group Invitational 2007

Candlewood Lake Canal New Milford, CT.


June 23, 2007

The day was bright and sunny with a stiff breeze from the NW. The team started to trickle in, gear was packed and ready, and soon we were underway.  Climbing up the hill with Vinny Jeffreys to the canal was a great way to start the day. Two deer feeding on the side of the dam made the early trek worth while. The road  to the canal is steep, but the view from the top is just beautiful. The pegs were well marked and there was more than enough room to fish.

       Student Mare-e and teacher Vinny                                        Elmer surveys the waters                                  And as soon as Marius gets here.........

There were some very nice fish caught today, but unfortunately we were a few fish short of qualifying for further tournament action. Jerome Moisand and Mike Dragone did a good job setting things up, but they couldn't stop the cold front and strong winds which helped keep the bite slow. Pegs at the high end of the numbers produced the best fish. Mar-e and Elmer were shutout for the first time while carp fishing. Snapping turtles and turkey vultures filled the time with their antics and walkers and other visitors by stopped to make conversation. Everyone came by to offer their stories about the times they fished our peg and caught big fish.  But alas it wasn't meant to be this day.

Even the youngins got into the act.

Eric turned on and managed to capture biggest fish, 26lbs 4 oz, the most fish, best four fish, and so on down the line. Great job Eric!  How long will those boilies last?

Elmer did get the best distance on his chum bucket float away. All in all a great time was had by everyone.


                                            Marius shows his fish.                                                                                                      Attila and Katalin

    There's poison WHAT!                                                                                            Shucks......

           Dom had net duty and the hardy folk stayed thru the night. Mar-e and me got Carp Fishing 101 from Jerome. Check out Mudguaard's buggy!


Elmer Mudguaard