Blackstone River Mirror Carp

Blackstone River Watershed

Mirror Madness

 Acting on a tip from my pals Kevdogg and Dave Pickering, Mar-e and I headed out to the Blackstone River to chase some trophy mirror carp. Not knowing where to start, we asked the grounds keeper at the park where the big ones were and he sent us to a swim known to have large mirrors.

The Blackstone River system is known for it's mirror carp and a 42+ pound fish once was the state's best. There are many good spots to fish along the river and anyone that wants to find fish can do so.


Most fish caught in this river system turn out to be mirror carp, but Kevdogg caught a few commons to go with his mirrors.

Oh and we all caught our friend here at one time or other. Lots of snapping turtles in the water messing with the bait at times but the mirrors prevailed.

Kevdogg gets his snapper.

Jimdogg and Kevdogg sow some of there mirrors

There's two sides to every mirror!

More Mirror Carp from the Blackstone River




Mar-e takes in a late summer's day catching mirror carp on the Blackstone River.  "I needed a break from the job, and what's beats fishing!" cried Mar-e as she hauled in one fish after another. One fish weighed in at 12 pounds 12 ounces the others less than that. "They put up a good fight in that current."  "And Elmer was very handy with the net today." The weather conditions were perfect for ditching work and hauling in fish.

Mar-e catching mirror carp

Mar-e catching mirror carp 2

Sunday Oct. 13, 2008 found the group chasing mirror carp near the head waters of the Blackstone River. Boat traffic on the waterway put a damper on this section of the river and Mar-e and I made our way down to the secret spot. We ran into another carp fisherman who had caught a couple of small ones. He left and we set up shop for a couple of hours. Again we weren't disappointed.  Six fish came to the net with Mar-e catching 4 fish ranging 5-8 pounds and I caught a pair of 14+ pound fish.

Many pretty mirror carp that put up quite a fight!

I have such a good time catching two for every one Elmer catches.

Elmer displays a classic Blackstone River Mirror Carp while Mar-e displays a not so common, Common Carp 

October Afternoons on the Blackstone River

The sky was it's best fall blue. The maples were in peak red along the river's edge. All we needed was a screaming alarm to make it right. The water was high and moving right along. The whirlpool was a little tighter than usual, prompting bait placement closer to the edge. It was an hour or more before it paid off. With only one rod each, the bet was on. Elmer loses again. Mar-e alarm started singing and soon she had a good fish on. It put up a good fight using the strong current to it's advantage. This was our largest common caught in the Blackstone at 10.5 pounds. Time was running out and I cried out I want a fish now! And the alarm went off! Again the fish was aggressive and tried it's best to get into the fallen tree that lays at the water's edge. But few escape Elmer and this one no exception. "I may have seen this one before." said Elmer. I have to check my pictures.

Blackstone River Adventures

Jimdogg reflects on first mirror carp

10  pound 6 ounce fish makes day.

See the story

Blackstone River System is well known for it's mirror carp.

Mar-e wields a great net

Jimdogg's net method takes the cake.