Blackstone River Fishin with Greg Budd

GBudd reigns over the Blackstone River

"We couldn't have asked for a nicer day. The weather was perfect and so was the company. The bank was crowded from end to end with fishermen and women, here to catch and see the beautiful mirror carp." stated Greg. "The Blackstone is just full of them from end to end."

Mar-e holds the first fish of the day.

Mar-e struck first, 15 minutes into the first set and hauled out a little beauty. These fish are quite striking in their color an scale patterns. Northern Max came right to point when the alarm went off, and Mar-e set the hook.

A short time a quick display of role reversal, Elmer catches and Mar-e nets.

Elmer gets the better of that deal!!!!

Max can't believe his eyes!  I'm 2 for 2

"This is a near liner, almost fully scaled, dark faced mirror." quips Doug

The Blackstone River Quartet sang a few river tunes to entertain the troupes. Here they show they can still hit the high notes if they just hang on tight.

Corey was the star of the afternoon hauling in a variety of things including a common carp.

Here Corey holds his first ever dorsal linear mirror.

Both sides

Side two of the DLM and different release techniques. Mar-e with another pretty fish.

No one would admit they knew this guy after he kept repeating an old Romanian Carp cheer from his university years. Here he's starting again, as the crowd fades into the distance.

There were some cameo appearances too!!

Norm had the emergency brakes on so we wouldn't call him Bob!

Chris won the autographed Elmer sweatshirt for being the first to give it up. Some BS about work or something.

More to come on the PM session. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Mr. Knott of Riverdale Mills for allowing us to fish his property.

They produce wire lobster traps.  seen in 35 nations around the world!