September 12, 2009

New England Yankee Challenge goes to Massachusetts.

Kyle leads pack with 5 fish caught!

Elmer blanks but still wins. Final score MA25---CT20

4th Annual Carp Anglers Group Tournament

Damp and dreary day is no match for CAG spirit!

Connecticut State Chairman Mike Dragone blew the whistle at 0800 and the tournament was underway. The CT team broke right into an early lead with New York State Chairman, Ed Wagner, grabbing the first fish. Lee chipped in as did  Dan and Mike to stake CT to an early 8-0 lead. Then the Mass boys got hot and strung a few 2 pointers from Kyle (5), Vinny (3), and Dr. A (MA Chair Marius Albota)(2) to put MA ahead. MA's Jeff alias Lockman21 had a nice 22+ pound fish to take high score. The total fish caught was 25 for the day.

MA's Kyle on top with Corey (left) and Jeff (right)

Most fish caught were close to twenty pounds with only 2 fish weighing over.

Early leaders board

The rains came down at times and the "Bivvie" town was soon established. Shortly thereafter it began to be apparent which way things might go and then it happened. The "Mad Netter" snapped!

I thought it was Popeye himself when I heard..."That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!"

Well lucky for Kyle help was already on the way and cooler heads prevailed.

The only other negative to the day were the two "cats" that caught the two cats.

Mike was sooooo... distraught he attempted to throw himself into the river. Fortunately he missed the river and landed on the rocks. Ouch! He bounced up at the count of 5 without assistance and managed to give his best revenge smile as Corey hauled one in too.

Iain won the days small fish award, but the one point just sealed Connecticut's fate!

The whistle blew again at 1700 and it was all over but the shouting. The sheets were gathered and after only three hours counting by Mike and Steve, MA was declared the winner. The party retired to Cabela's down the street and the feedbag was carefully mounted which quieted the noisy crowd down.

"Thanks to all that participated in this years "Yankee Challenge" said CT State Chair Mike Dragone. "Thanks to Dr. A for putting together a good team of "ringers". Nice Job Mike and Steve! Even Ed gave them half a thumb's up!

Elmer, Kyle, Marius, Corey and Jeff, missing Vinny, Iain, and Krys


Big fish of the day Jeff, alias "Lockman21" enjoys a cold one smuggled in by Dr. A's dad.

The Alpha and the Omega enjoy the early morning sunlight the next day discussing Kyle's secret baits.

See You All Next Year in Massachusetts

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