!5th Annual Carp Anglers Group Carp Classic

Heavy rains fell all day Friday and well into the night. Early morning news in the headquarters at the Hampton Inn, had the Haines point swim flooded out. The good news was the tide had turned and was heading back out. So we made our way to East Potomac Park, with plenty of hope for the day. The Jefferson Memorial stood across the street from the park entrance, reminding us of those brave men and women that bet everything they owned on life, liberty and the pursuit of carp. Of course I am talking about Carp Anglers Group. They came from 14 states, Canada and Great Britton, to share a day fishing in our Nation's Capitol. 

There is plenty to see of Washington right from where we were fishing. However we were waiting to make history.

And though the fishing was slow, new history was made as Rick Slinker from Hoosier Carp and Indiana became the first fisherman to get his name on the traveling trophy twice. He had the hot peg with 4 fish brought to the net.

Tim Petrak, of Pittsburgh, PA holds the coveted Carp Belt Buckle, while Rick Slinker wins top angler award.

The area winners Tim Petrak, Dave Moore, Shannon and Tom Brooks and a strong backup cast.

Mr Big caught a nice 18+ lb common while Elmer shows Mar-e's blue cat, which she would have no part of.

Even Big Bird wanted no part of the catfish.

What rainbow? says Mar-e   Just look this way Mar-e.

 Many thank yous to all those that sacrificed their time and money for this Convention/ Fishin. Many sponsors donated thousands of dollars in prizes and money.

Sponsor list compliments of Carp Anglers Group

Mark was the man as CAG President Louis presided over the meeting.

Even volunteers can win.