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"Bite Me Bait Co."


Assignment Stripers

End of July and AC still catching stripers off the beach!

At High Noon Too!

With AC it's a "shore" thing.

"I get out on the boats a couple times of year." said AC. "But fishing from shore is my thing. Whether I am casting lures or using cut bait, I get my fair share each year. My wife Missy enjoys fishing with me and we can spend some quality time together sitting in our chairs and looking out over a beautiful ocean." AC set up shop 2 hours before the high tide with a big chunk of mackerel on a #6 circle hook. With the water so warm this year he hiked out a ways to cast. "Once I started out, I just kept going on out to about neck deep." he laughed. "I cast it out as far as I could and waded back to shore." OK on to #2 rod and another long cast. Not too long into the future off went rod #1 and AC landed a beautiful 35 inch 16.5 pound line sider. "My best fish off this beach this year." crowed AC. "Yeah now he won't be moping around the house for a couple of days." laughed Missy. "This fishing stuff is the only thing I let him get away with."


Jimdogg and Elmer team up on 35 inch Striper!

Jimdogg caught some beautiful tinkers and we tied them on. Elmer had the run and a new kayak best. #6 red circle hook on 18 inch leader to a swivel. Med heavy  six foot Ugly Stik, with an Okuma bait runner spinning reel with 12# test Trylene line did the deed.

Scituate Light shines on the Bite Me bait Co.

Jimdogg and I were also jigging for fluke and we drifted out about a mile offshore a little south of the entrance channel to the harbor. Water depth was in the low twenties and their was plenty of lobster gear to dodge. But that is where to look for stripers, when the bait fish are scarce. Lobsters are one of a stripers gourmet foods and there's nothing like a freshly molted lobster to make the stripers day. We caught a couple of "harbor pollock" which I hear some people use as live bait for bass and tuna. I believe that the pollock must be 19 inches long before you can possess them. Once we got into 40 feet of water the dogfish attacked everything we dropped into the water. We headed back in just as the wind began to pickup, and after the pictures we headed in. We parked at the lighthouse and put in at the little sandy beach there.

More Pictures


The Bite is on at Race Point! Don't miss out.

"Keep the speed steady." cried Captain G-No of the Irish Ayes. It was the crew of the Irish Ayes against the crew on the Cathy Ann. After it was all over the results were the same. Striped Bass for everyone.

The Irish Ayes and the Cathy Ann had a race to the "Race" Captain G-No may have got there sooner but the result was the same. Rock Bottom did some boat driving that put the Capt and crew on some hot spots where we all caught fish. Different colored jigs bouncing off the bottom in 25 feet of water was the key.  Weights of 4-6 ounces and wire line were a dangerous combo for the bass.

Stripers for all. Not the best bite until afternoon on this day, but we boated plenty. We kept a few in the 29-32 inch range, to have on the grill tonight and boy were they good.

Lots of bass in the 28-32 inch category and we threw back most of those fish in the 28- 29 inch range. The kayak fleet was out in full force and sometimes got in the way of the charter guys. Still they were catching fish. The PM session found the Cathy Ann some bigger fish and the late afternoon charters did the best this day.  Both Captain G-No and Captain Patry went home with some happy fishermen.



"Bite Me Bait Co"

teams up with Captain Dave Patry

of the "Cathy Ann"

Striper Season in full swing. Captain Patry shows Billy Bob where to catch the big ones.

Dan Lucas catches a nice 2 pound lobster which was returned to the sea.

 Anita Marie's cook Chris had plenty to celebrate as he brought in some fine fish of his own.

Dan Lucas fights another keeper to the net!

 "Cathy Ann"

Striped Bass and Bluefin Tuna move onto the bank and waters around Provincetown.

Stripers 2007

August shows Big Bass in Boston Harbor.

G-No and Billy Bob team up for some beautiful mid-August fish.

G-No and Billy Bob team up with a couple of new BMBC applicants for some beautiful mid-August fish.



Striper action is going well and the "Boys" are picking up quite a few. From jigging bucktails at the "Race" to chunking off the "Gurnet" fish are responding. More photos to follow.

Fishing the "Race" is always an adventure. Jump in the boat and head in the general direction of Provincetown, then just follow the crowd to your destination.  The fleet was there, but mostly everyone follows the boat in front of him as not to cross lines and cause trouble.  Many boats were hooking fish and soon we joined them. We hooked and released a couple of 24-27 inch fish and a nice bluefish by Jimdogg. As we ran through the rip, Rock Bottom took a nice 31 inch fish and the bite was on. Seas were choppy but not a factor overall. G-No and Elmer each caught a 16.5 lb fish and a couple of others were over 10 pounds. It was wire line and an assortment of bucktails and parachute jigs.  We lost more than a few to the bluefish, but jigging underneath them,  brought the biggest stripers to the hook. Good thing I have a friend that makes them for me.

G-No, Rock Bottom, Elmer and Jimdogg show off some of the catch from the "Race".

Lots of good stripers!


Permit sneaks north to nail Long Island Sound Stripers, While Moose and crew score some big cows.

Both day and night are producing along the barrier beaches we fish.

Dave maintains grip on "Major Award"

New test will be  Sept. 22, 2007    AC is odds on favorite to replace Dave at the top!

Beach fishing at High Noon....No problem for AC

Jeff Cahill sports a 50 inch 42 lb surf striper.


Stripers 2006

Striped Bass can be caught a number of different ways, using a myriad of different baits. They also can be found in the shallows and in deep water. Where you chose to fish often dictates the bait and the strategy. We fish striped bass from the Merrimac River to Rhode Island and beyond, and it never amazes us what will catch fish.

"Rock Bottom" joins the keeper crew by scoring this nice 38" striper caught in Duxbury Bay. "We were chasing pogies and this one grabbed my bait and the fight was on. " "This is only the beginning of the good fish.  The fall run will be bringing large fish our way soon and we will be there." said Rock.

Elmer with a 37"  23lb 6oz  from a Monomoy Island Rip "We were using bucktails and jigging the rips today" said Elmer

We released this one to fight again!


Speaking of loving twins, look at these nice 34 inch 15 lb beauties!!

Both Billy Bob and Jimdogg brought home a couple of nice fish both about the same size. These were caught in Boston Harbor. There is a lot of good fishing to be found in the Boston Harbor and adjacent waters. Look for the birds to be working or baitfish on top and give it your best presentation. From east of the "Graves" to Blacks Creek on Wollaston Beach in Quincy. Or up the rivers from the Fore and Back rivers on the south end to the Mystic and Saugus rivers on  the north. Great fishing for striped bass can be found. Shad bodies and pink soft plastics took these nice fish.

Jimdogg displays another nice linesider! A classic Elmer pose! While Billy Bob shows the seasons first keeper

The year had started slowly for us in the striper department.  But it is starting to pick up. Rock Bottom picked a nice 38 inch striper near the mouth of Plymouth Harbor on an eel. The other fish were caught in Boston Harbor around the islands and peninsulas. Plenty of schoolies and small blue fish to be had, but we are thinking Striper Cup. We need to get busy!  G-No has landed some nice fish on his charters and his clients go away tired and happy from pulling up fish. Jimdogg lost a keeper while fishing from the kayak at the mouth of the North & South Rivers in Marshfield. 

August 15  Plymouth Harbor Schoolies galore and even a fluke for G-No. Throw in a couple of bluefish and you have a nice evening.

Nice Fish but not what we are after. Saw Toothed Stripers are a blast on light gear. 

G-No has the bluefish knack.

story by Elmer Mudguaard  photos by Billy Bob, G-No, Rock Bottom & Jimdogg


Stripers 2008

September 1, 2008

Striped Bass, Bluefish and Pogies move into Boston Harbor and Quincy Bay

G-No shows a nice 33 inch striper that took a live pogie on the top.

Pogies were active on the surface as bass and bluefish chased them from below. We snagged plenty of fish for bait but couldn't hook up with the fish doing the chasing. Some of the pogies came up bitten in half testifying to bluefish in the area. One of our favorite spots in just off Long Island near Nix's Mate. We had multiple runs and one nice striper .

A nice fresh pogie and the Boston Skyline

Nix's Mate and the Bassomatic

Tankers are still a common sight in the Fore River channel

Irish Ayes chasing striped bass and bluefish.

Pogies are in Quincy Bay but where are the big bass. 2008 a far cry from 2007, when bass averaging 20-30 pounds filled the waters.

George waits patiently to help Jeff haul in the fish.

Billy Bob has the blues!

No keeper stripers but some nice bluefish were to be had. Pogies galore jam the area between the airport and Deer Light. More were to be found up toward Winthrop Yacht Club and back at Marina Bay in Quincy. The bluefish were around the Deer Island light and in the 8-10 pound range.

Jimdogg shows a nice bluefish while Billy Bob sports a 27 inch striper


Beach Boys play in the surf!

Jimdogg, Billy Bob and AC snatch a few keepers

Circle hooks do the job!

AC scores a nice keeper too!

Jimdogg leads the pack with a nice 31 inch fish.

"Eb Tide"   Scores a couple of nice bluefish for the grill.


Night Time can be the right time too!

The "Boys" warm up for the fall classic. George the Jumper and Rock Bottom grab keepers. Elmer was close but no cigar. Plenty of runs and 6 fish landed.

Filme Kraken scores a near miss, demanded measuring of fish denied by board vote. Fish released.

George the Jumper had the hot spot and hand tonight with 4 fish including a 3 inch beauty that ate his bait. Rock Bottom attempts to release his fish. Not on purpose though.



Stripers 2007

September in Boston Harbor! Big Stripers invade the area!

The "Irish Ayes" with the "Bite Me Bait Co."

The overcast skies and light rain looked to dampen our spirits as we launched in Weymouth, Back River. That all changed as we headed toward the inner harbor. Suddenly ahead of us breaking menhaden, or pogies as we call them, and birds caught our attention. Out came the weighted trebles and live bait was in the well.  As soon as we could, we sent a live one out. It got  slammed by giant blue fish and the bite was on. Large striped bass were firmly attached under the blues and we found them quickly.  Soon it became a feeding frenzy that lasted for quite some time. We boated many bass in the 38-40inch range and we released many more in the same length category.  The biggest ones weighed in at around 23 - 25 lbs. Blue fish were well represented and all caught were sent home.

G-No, Rock Bottom, and Jimdogg were singing in the rain!

Spring Classic 2007