"Rock Bottom"


 The "One", who started the "Bite Me Bait Co."

Creator of WWED along with "G-No" 

"Rock Bottom" started  putting the "BMBC" logo on his fishing accessories he made. Items such as the "Thermal Shield" used as a wind break for ice fishing, sand spikes for any type of shore fishing, ect... His best works however are his hand made plugs and lures. "Rock" is our design specialist and we test new gear whenever we go.


Keeping the ship upright, the "Grand Poobah!"

 Rock Bottom takes over Fisherman of the Year!

Rock Bottom Fearless Leader of the Bite Me Bait Co

Old Heroes

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Like father, Like son!

Trout fishing trip marred by the Frenchie Dubois Incident

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Elmer's Humor aside Trout trip a complete success!

Cape ponds give up their trout! The weather was fine and the cabin at Shawme-Crowell State Park was cozy! There are many trout ponds south of the Cape Cod Canal. With the cold weather to return after this Fridays rain, you may be able to ice fish for another week or so. Not only can you catch brook, rainbow and brown trout but many are also stocked with tiger trout and brood stock salmon.  Bass, pickerel, crappie, white and yellow perch can also be caught in many of the ponds while chasing trout.

Rock caught an 18 inch brown trout too! Hoping RG sends the photo!



The Grand Poobah Rock Bottom and dad, Hank, Share a proud family moment!

Ice fishing starting to heat up for the crew. Rock Bottom takes fisherman of the weekend with a grand slam at Oldham Pond.

Large mouth bass, chain pickerel, white perch, yellow perch and a pin fish crappie make for a busy man. "It was the same two traps all day!" said Rock. "You wonder why, but as long as the flags are flying then I'm happy running."

Rock Bottom Bass        Rock Bottom Pickerel        Rock Bottom White Perch

Rock Bottom Grand Slam

December 11, 2010

Rock Bottom wins

Fisherman of the Year for 2010

Rock Bottom wins run off election with everyone's favorite, Elmer Mudguaard

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Winter Meeting January 1, 2011

Rock Bottom set to accept

Fisherman of the Year Trophy

Bite Me bait Co members are in final preparations for this year's meeting. There's plenty of coal for the stove and forecast calls for a beautiful day. The Grand Poobah can't wait for Saturday. " I've been champing at the bit for two weeks now. It's getting close."

Billy Bob enjoys his moment at last year's meeting!

"Rock Bottom, creator of the Bite Me Bait Company, has many talents." says Billy Bob. "His Hardly Able Crafters have produced many lures and jigs used by the group to catch bass, cod and fluke. I am sad to let go of the trophy, maybe I might be sick and stay home."

I take it all back Billy Bob! I never said it was you that gave him the hitler!

"Rock is my first mate when he's onboard the boat." says Captain G-no. "He has a keen eye and steady nerve." " You shudda seen my father's." shot back Rock."

This year's meeting will discussing the flotsam and jetsam of life on the beach. Annual salaries will be discussed but with times being so hard we may just forgo the money another year. The merits of Elmer's cod and haddock stones will be examined for flaws or copyright infringements. Jimdogg volunteered to escort Billy Bob as security to assure that both trophy and Billy Bob make the event. www.rocklandnews.com editor and writer Rush Lowe may cover the event for the media outlets. Operations specialist Flann is in charge of facilities for the day with Mar-e assisting with the caterers.

Parade Pictures

As  we fished more and more we loosely organized into the "Company of Friends"

A fisherman of all seasons "Rock" shines with some big fish in 2006

The Grand Poobah Rock Bottom and The "Earl" show their "foot ball" spirit. Rah Rah for the boys as they show off 50 pound beauties during the August Season! Rock Bottom is a solid fisherman and catches good fish on a regular basis. "One key to catching big fish is to go fishing as often as you can. " says Rock. "You can't catch them if you aren't there."  Flann sees plenty of fishing time too and is a member of our kayak fishing club.

Rock heads the research dept.  working with  Hardly Able Crafters on some new products for 2007.

The #1 thing you got to remember is have fun and enjoy the chase as well as the catch.

Blackfish hit in the dead of night!

Future site of "Bite Me Bait Co." Headquarters. 

                                       "We no sooner get a new place and they want me to find another one."

                                                                                  "What do you think Jimdogg?"

Tuna Time= Great Fun

 "Catching the tuna is the highlight of my    fishing season." says Rock. They can be a  frustrating fish to try to hook. Searching for them on a windy day can sure be challenging. But what a sight you will see if the ocean is calm and the fish are active. Hundreds if not thousands of small tuna all over the surface of the water tearing into the "bunker" or other baitfish. After several trips full of frustration,  throwing almost everything in the "box" at them. Rock hooked up with an old buddy, Joe Llongo and caught a couple of nice ones 5-8 miles east of Pt. Allerton, Hull. Now that the ice is broken 2006's goal will be to catch fish consistently.


Abington Police Fishing Derby 

January 29,2006


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"Rock Bottom" displays a "Classic Elmer" pose

With this nice 29 inch 9 lb 4oz Salmon

See Jimdogg's Video Here !!

Ice Fishing

       Oh Yeah.... We're really happy that  G-No won Fisherman of the Year for 2006.  Being "Grand Poobah" of the "Bite Me bait Co." is the best. I get treated with just enough disrespect to know they love me.

Another nice 50 lb football caught off Green Harbor

Nice 38 inch caught in Duxbury Bay

First quality fish 2006 29 inch 9 lb 4oz Long Pond Salmon

Rock Bottom caught his 1st. "Football" Bluefin tuna- 2005

Rock Bottom with a 44" 30lb 4oz Atlantic Cod caught off Green Harbor Dec. 28, 2005

This group including "Rock" display the "Crappies" caught through the ice. 2005 all fish are 14-16 inches 1-2 lbs

Nice Large mouth through the ice 2005 Oldham Pond

Race Point Striper

Sushi boys.

Last light

First light

A nice 41in 28lb 11oz Striper

Another 42in Beauty

Rock displaying the colors.

Another look at Rock Bottom's 41 inch striper. For better perspective Rock is 77".

RB with a nice, early season, river bass

Nice 2lb 4oz Pickerel from under the ice.

Yes, By Land, Sea, Air and Internet. Bite Me Bait Co.

                                      Rock Bottoms Photo Gallery


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Rock Bottom And Flann's Trip to Mexico

Flann lands a nice sailfish.

Rock Bottom and his Mahi Mahi

Big Bull Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi)

Rock Bottom I justa sailing along.

I can use this one for a Bite Me Bait Co. Sunshield

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