North River

Elm St Hanover to the Herring River Scituate


There are many places to put in along the North River. One of our favorites is Herring Brook in Scituate. It can be found along the Drift Way near the intersection of Rte 123 and 3A. There is a parking lot on the right and a launch ramp. From there go out to the North river basin. Left brings you out to the mouth of the river. Right will bring you under the 3A bridge near Mary's Boat yard and upstream into Norwell.

 If you have two vehicles, park one here and launch back in Hanover off Elm St.   Access here can be found at the end of a short road across the street from the fish ladder. This trip starts in fresh water and ends in salt water. Plenty of parking at the launch point on Indian Head Drive. From here to the end point at the Herring River boat ramp is close to 12 miles. One thing to keep in mind is the tide. The out going tide makes this run much easier on the body. Keep in mind the top of tide is 3 hours different between the mouth of the river and the tide's farthest reach. The entire way is laced with reeds. From cattails to "elephant grass" and flowers galore. Hawks cover the sky and plovers and sand pipers of all kinds run the banks searching for their next meal.

Play the tide right and go with the flow. Watch for a short rapids under the bridge near Rte 53, the Union St bridge and the rips at the mouths of the North and South Rivers. All in all one of Elmer and Jimdogg's favorite places to fish from the kayak.


           The state stocks 2-3 lb rainbow trout here .



There is a small cataract under the Washington Street Bridge that can make it difficult  returning upstream when the tide and wind are against you. The next bridge you pass under is Rte 3 near the Marshfield/ Pembroke exit. There are many places to stop along the way. Blueberry Island is a favorite stop. The Union  Street bridge at the Norwell/ Marshfield line is a Mecca for local boys to come and jump off the bridge. It is a good place to stop and take a rest as it can take 2-3 hours to reach here. Now if the tide is right you are screaming along and soon you are passing "Mary's" boat yard at the 3A bridge. Now the end is near! Once you pass under the bridge at 3A follow the channel to the Herring Brook cutoff on the left and soon you are back on shore and home .


               Watch the currents and the boat traffic in this area.                                                     12 miles  later......