The "Bite Me Bait Co" takes ice fishing to the Max!

Think Safety First

Ice Fisherman be sure to watch this video

about 10 min long but it may save your life!!

Ice  Safety Video

Ice Strength Chart

Jigging Perch Underwater

                          Ice Integrity Expert Billy Bob says no to Houghton's Pond


Ice Fishing in upstate New York

Ridge Hunter Bishop gets his first Walleye.

Walleye fishing has been slow up here in 2011.   The St. Lawrence Walleye Association had their fishing derby and some nice fish were caught but not as many as in previous years. It was no flags for our Vermont members Mike Bishop and his son Ridge Hunter, but it still was good quality family time. The next day, however Hunter got his walleye. It was his first and a keeper to boot at just over 18 inches. Dad Mike reports that Hunter has begun to collect his own set of traps. "I have a good start, but it will be awhile till I catch up to Mr. Mudguaard." said Hunter. "We also saw some big carp and sturgeon on the underwater camera that was setup in a hole by my cousin." he added. "It made a slow fishing day much better."


March 5, 2011

Last day on the ice at our favorite crappie pond. Warm winds and rain storm on the way spells doom for the ice. we lost an inch or more today and the water was pouring down the pressure cracks like water down the drain. We had to send Billy Bob ahead to make sure the rest of us would make it! But the story of the day was Cindy of the DUO and the big fish she caught!

'"I went right up to the shoulder to catch the bass." said Cindy "It was just an automatic response to the situation!"

Cindy and the best bass of the season!

Plenty of good flags today!

Jimdogg's brother Dave did well his first time out on the ice!

When I noticed this  hole in the ice made by the water flowing across the pond, I knew it was time to go.

Speaking of going, check out Elmer now called Running Deer.

More pictures here.

Bite Me Bait Co's Ice Integrity Expert, Billy Bob, surveys the ice and says goodbye until next winter!


Last weekend in February and the ice fishing remains consistent. 

The Duo and Rock Bottom were chasing crappie in vain, but hauling in some nice large mouth bass as a substitute! Same favorite crappie pond, but a different section to see if we could find where all the crappie were hiding.

We found the large mouths in the north end instead! 6-10 feet of water and various sized, but mostly medium, shiners brought the bass to the hook!

Meanwhile the DUO jumps in hook, line, and billy bobs!!!!

Declare commitment to the Grand Poobah!

Sporting their new Bite Me Bait Co look, the DUO show that our admissions team was right on and that they were deserving of their "Bucket." "In the end I didn't have to twist any arms." said Rock Bottom, the Grand Poobah. "It just took a few extra fishing trips to seal the deal."

The Earle joins the bucket list!

Lucy finds refuge from the cold!

Meanwhile Jimdogg and Elmer braved wind and snow on Sunday to give the south end a go and see if we could find the crappie hiding there.

We had similar results. Still no crappie, And we got pickerel with our yellow perch instead of bass. Both of these fish were caught on the jigging rods. Jimdogg jigged up a few nice perch during the day

Elmer jigs up a nice pickerel.

Trout fishing trip marred by the Frenchie Dubois Incident

See the story!

Elmer's Humor aside Trout trip a complete success!

Cape ponds give up their trout! The weather was fine and the cabin at Shawme-Crowell State Park was cozy! There are many trout ponds south of the Cape Cod Canal. With the cold weather to return after this Fridays rain, you may be able to ice fish for another week or so. Not only can you catch brook, rainbow and brown trout but many are also stocked with tiger trout and brood stock salmon.  Bass, pickerel, crappie, white and yellow perch can also be caught in many of the ponds while chasing trout.

Rock caught an 18 inch brown trout too! Hoping RG sends the photo!

Jimdogg and Rock Bottom show off some fine Massachusetts State stocked trout!

There were plenty of flags and Jimdogg jigged up 4 rainbow trout in a hole just a few yards from shore.


In far NW New England the cold reigns!

Lake Champlain locked in winter's grip.  40 mile per hour winds and snow squall whiteouts cuts short Canadian border pike fishing with Ridge Hunter Bishop. One small Northern Pike was all we could muster on this less than perfect Saturday morning. "No picture of this one !" says Hunter. "If it's not a keeper than back it goes right away to grow."

Elmer gets the "God" fish on a Sunday afternoon!.

It has been a cold, cold weekend fishing on Lake Champlain. We arrived on Friday to 45-50 degree weather and standing water in places on the lake. The locals had all pulled their "bob" houses" up onto whatever ramp they had launched from, making small villages along the drives. Snow machines and 4 wheelers lined the "roadways" between the ice houses and their drivers stood in small groups discussing when to redeploy.

By morning the wind was out of the west at 20-30 MPH and the temps were in the twenties and dropping. Our friend Mike Bishop and his son Ridge Hunter pulled up at 7AM and we talked about staying put with the wind so bad. It was Hunter who said, "Let's go over to the north side and hide out of the wind." So off we went and before long we were set up at a friend of Mike's who let us set up around his bob house. This made for a much better day as setting up my tent was not even possible. Snow squalls could be seen racing across the lake along the Canadian border and even a few to our west. We caught one small pike to start the day, but that was it. Then the squalls closed in on us with fiercely cold wind and whiteout conditions. It was off to bring in the gear and by the time we collected the 20 traps we had out, Mar-e and I were frozen.

Long Video Champlain Trip

Next day didn't improve much except the snow stopped for the day. Mar-e and I went over to the east side of N. Hero, one of the Lake's Islands, and found a great ramp with a beautiful parking spot on it so we could heater fish. Out went the traps and we waited and waited, no flags. So some adjustments were made and some traps moved but still no flags. 3:30 was the designated trap pick up time so at 3:20 I said Lord I need a favor so I don't go home skunked. I need the "God" fish. At 3:27 I said OK Let's pi.....Flag!!! Off I ran and I could see it was spinning steadily. As I got close it took off screaming! I grabbed the line and hauled in "Thee" beautiful fish that made our weekend. We sent this fish back to grow and gave our thanks be for a great weekend.


Bite Me Bait Co members seen on New Zealand Website

Ice fishing videos a hit down under!

We are with the New Zealanders in our thoughts and prayers. May they get life back to their Cities.


Elmer's Grand Daughter shows she's a chip off the old Elmer block!

Brother Matt muscled off the trap ala Elmer style. "Why let someone else catch the fish!" says Morgan. Thanks for the advice Grampy."

Nice 4.5 pound fish!


Matt LeBlanc of Rockland wins 2010 Gold Pin for Large Mouth Bass!

See the story @


Large pickerel & bass being taken this year ice fishing in SE Massachusetts!

Jimdogg gets a big pumpkinseed and another big pickerel, Elmer chips in with the usual pickerel.


Reports of pickerel in the 5-6 pound range are common this year throughout SE Massachusetts. Roy Leyva of Plymouth took a pickerel over 7 pounds to win the Massachusetts Gold Pin this year. I haven't verified if it was thru the ice, but never the less, it was a giant pickerel for our area! 3 pickerel, between 5 & 6 pounds, took 1,2,3 in the Abington Cellar Tournament held two days ago. Last years warm weather and a good spawning season for the herring and alewives runs, along with improving water conditions across the area, may account for some of the large fish being caught. Our North Shore reporter, Roger Aziz Jr., himself a holder of many Massachusetts and World fishing titles, says "Everyone is talking about the big fish being caught this year. The average size seems to be a pound better than last year. This year's snow pack has made fishing in my neck of the woods near impossible at times." continued Roger.  "And we can vouch for both statements." says Elmer. "The Bite Me Bait Co gang has put a lot of good sized fish on the ice and the ice conditions have been less than favorable. Still we have caught more 4 pound fish and larger this year thru the ice than I can remember ."

RG gets his pickerel!!

And verbal abuse from the gathering crowd!



Large pickerel & bass being taken this year ice fishing in SE Massachusetts!

Reports of fish in the 5-6 pound range are common throughout SE Massachusetts. Roy Leyva of Plymouth took a pickerel over 7 pounds to win the Massachusetts Gold Pin this year. I haven't verified if it was thru the ice, but never the less, it was a giant pickerel for our area! 3 pickerel, between 5 & 6 pounds, took 1,2,3 in the Abington Cellar Tournament held two days ago. Last years warm weather and a good spawning season for the herring and alewives runs, along with improving water conditions across the area, may account for some of the large fish being caught. Our North Shore reporter, Roger Aziz Jr., himself a holder of many Massachusetts and World fishing titles, says "Everyone is talking about the big fish being caught this year. The average size seems to be a pound better than last year. This year's snow pack has made fishing in my neck of the woods near impossible at times." continued Roger.  "And we can vouch for both statements." says Elmer. "The Bite Me Bait Co gang has put a lot of good sized fish on the ice and the ice conditions have been less than favorable. Still we have caught more 4 pound fish and larger this year thru the ice than I can remember ."


 Abington Cellar Fishing Derby!

Feb. 5, 2011

Monponsett East

Bite Me Bait Co Teams takes two third place finishes

Rock Bottom takes third place with a pickerel at 5 pounds 3 ounces


Elmer gets third with a Large Mouth Bass at 4 pounds 3 ounces.


The Bite Me Bait Co gang would like to thank the "Abington Cellar" and chairperson Frank Nauglar for putting on this fine event. Nearly 60 fishermen and women of all ages participated on a day when the weathermen said rain was coming. The award ceremony was also first class. The buffet was great and the crowd was in a festive mood. Over $1000.00 was raised for the

"Make a Wish Foundation"

Great Job by all involved!

All the prize money we won was immediately exchanged for libation at the "Cellar"


January 30, 2011

Bog Pond Beauty

Lunch is served!

January 23, 2011

Ice fishing remains hot for the Bite Me Bait Co Gang.

A good hearty breakfast with our friends at Anita Maries in downtown Rockland, is the way to start a cold day on the ice.  Good coffee and good food brings many for an early morning breakfast. Every one there is friendly and you can expect some good humored banter amongst the patrons. Couple this with a "Beautiful" and courteous staff and you leave with a warm heart and a thermos full of hot coffee.

Owner Vivian (left) with Meagan and Rachel

Captain G-No takes cod pool on Frances Fleet Trip!

13 pound fish does the trick. Flat calm day yields a half dozen keeper cod and a nice hake.

"Beats shoveling snow!" says the Captain.


DUO plans run for Fisherman of the Year honors!

The DUO remain red hot with discovery of a new secret spot for bass and crappie.

Some nice largemouth bass!

And some nice crappie to go along!

See the "Hole" story here!


Dawn's Early Light!

More fine days to follow!

More Photos

Ken shows another 3+ pound large mouth caught in our favorite crappie pond.

Elmer couldn't catch a cold on Saturday but the secret bass spot did him kind on this day, 3 bass in a hour totaling 10+ pounds. Large shiners did the trick.

4pounds 8 ounces

Elmer and the bass!

2pounds 15 ounces and 2 pounds 12ounces or vice versa

Mar-e shows she has the knack to put fish to the ice!

Keep the camera on me Elmer!

Elmer on Tap!


January 15, 2011

Plenty of crappie and bass to keep us busy!

Rock Bottom and the Duo clean up on big slabs and bass!

Crappie  &  More crappie

See More pictures here!

Ice fishing starting to heat up for the crew. Rock Bottom takes fisherman of the weekend with a grand slam at Oldham Pond. The bite continued for Ken of the DUO on Tuesday with some nice crappie and bass.

Captain Rich Antonino of  shows he can catch fish anywhere!

Book Cod and tuna trips now and ask for the Bite Me Bait Co deal!

Ken, of the DUO fame, holds a typical large mouth bass found in these ponds on the South Shore!


Rock Bottom holds another pin fish crappie and Lucy sings her favorite song to the sound of the auger!

Some pinfish in this pile!

Large mouth bass, chain pickerel, white perch, yellow perch and a pin fish crappie make for a busy man. "It was the same two traps all day!" said Rock. "You wonder why, but as long as the flags are flying then I'm happy running."

Rock Bottom Bass        Rock Bottom Pickerel        Rock Bottom White Perch

Rock Bottom Grand Slam

Jimdogg pitched in with a nice pickerel of his own, along with his share of yellow perch. Elmer had the big bass of the day at 3 pounds 11 ounces.

Elmer gets his bass!  Then the release.

See More story here.

Mar-e bags a perch.

Duo gets back in action!

Cindy holds up her first bass of the season!

While Ken jigs up some white perch.

More story here.


2010 Goes out with a bang for Jimdogg!

Monster Large Mouth!

We weren't sure what the ice conditions were going to be when we started out at 6AM from Anita Maries in Rockland Center. The air was crisp and cold. We were sure there would be enough ice to let us fish and we were right. 6-8 inches of solid, hold all 4 of us in the same area, ice was a welcome relief. Shortly after setting out 1/2 the gear Elmer scored a nice 2lb fish and our hopes were soaring.  But like most of our trips we get one in the first few minutes and then nothing. Well we got only three bass this day but they all were nice. Up went a flag near Jimdogg and he out hustled Elmer to be 1st man in so Elmer grabbed the camera and captured the moment for posterity! The fish came up rather quickly and this is why!

Looks like a big pickerel bite or maybe turtles.

Elmer shows the first fish of the 2011 Season

The weather couldn't have been better. Light winds and 30 degrees made for a fine morning.

Only half the Duo was there today!

More photos from the day



February  19, 20, 21, 2010

2010 Ice Fishing nearing end on the South Shore

Warming temperatures cause Bite Me Bait Co's Ice integrity expert Billy Bob to exclaim : Stay Off the Ice! Weather forecasts call for heavy rain and wind which will further erode ice surfaces in Eastern Massachusetts. Don't be a headline maker! m

The last weekend was fun and productive.

Rock Bottom makes a great save of bass in hole. The smile tells it all. Waiting all day Friday for the big, one only to have your fish shake the hook as it was coming out of the hole. Well Rock sprung into action and with a two armed basket dive into the hole, he had his fish. The Duo are still laughing. " Down went the Rock and up into the sky went the fish!"

Speaking of the Duo, they remain red hot on the ice and Cindy shows she's on top of her game with some nice fish. "Great year for crappie and bass. " said Cindy. "Ken and I had a great time fishing and advancing thru the "Bite Me Bait Co's" ice test for active applicants." "I know we must have moved up the ladder this year." says Ken. "The Grand Poobah himself reviewed my fishing techniques on a number of occasions. I am confident we will be accepted for all species soon."

Billy Bob joins Ken in on the crappie action too. Action was sporadic with multiple flags spaced far apart. Crappies weighed in at 1lb to 1lb 11 ozs. Nice thick fish with excellent fillets.

Billy Bob gives "Fisherman of the Week Award"to the Duo's Cindy, for a great last two weeks. Elmer gets his fair share but gives back two big crappie due to live well failure. Billy Bob's suggestion that we use a pre-owned live well didn't work out so well. You don't want to know the "Hole Story." But live and let live, he did his job walking out onto the ice first. As Billy Bob goes, so goes the Bite Me Bait Co ice team.


Hey did I show you the 2nd place pickerel of the 2010 BMBC season. Well here it is at 4lbs exact. 6 ozs short of Rock Bottoms monster. We took some nice fish including a large roe laden yellow perch caught by Marius. He managed to jig up a few nice ones going hole to hole.

We were fishing with Marius aka Dr. A, Roger Aziz Jr. and his son Ozzie. Max continues his sled dog training and soon will be a tremendous asset to the team.

Mar-e shows she hasn't lost the knack of pulling fish thru the ice.

"Thanks Mar-e, I won't forget Ya! I'm glad it wasn't RG that caught me. I don't want to end up fishcakes!"

Feb. 13 & 14, 2010 Weekend

The flags were flying for everyone this weekend on the South Shore. Plenty of Crappie, large mouth bass, perch, white perch, pickerel, and even a bullhead to round it out. Cindy of the Duo was Co- winner with Rock Bottom for fisherman of the week honors. They had the hot hand with the Grand Poobah weighing in the largest pickerel so far this year at 4 pounds 6 ounces. Billy Bob attempts to steal Rock's thunder, but the Grand Poobah set the record straight. "Who says I don't catch fish Mudguaard?" roared the Rock. "It was nothing more than an accidental misstatement." offered Elmer, as he watched flag after flag spring for our fearless leader.

Lucy gets her crappie to as Rock Bottom shows the bullhead.

2010 a great year for ice fishing our home territory

The Duo lit it up this weekend.

Elmer scored a few himself. The sled shelter was perfect.


2010 Ice Fishing well underway!

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies.

Feb. 14, 2010 Weekend

Hopeless romantics are the men of the Bite Me Bait Co. What better way to show that special woman just how special she truly is.  Take her ice fishing with you!  If that doesn't warm a girl's heart, then what does? "To You My Valentine!"

 Abington Cellar Ice Derby a Huge Success 

Bobby Greenough takes first place with a 5 pound bass and Bob Baker took first with a pickerel around 3pounds 12 ounces.

We were ready! Mr. Ed was ready! The camp was ready! We all were ready, but winning was not in the cards for the Bite Me Bait Co ice team. Plenty of flags and plenty of fish, too bad they weren't a little bigger. Billy Bob briefly made the leader board but we just couldn't come up with that one big fish.

The cold winds blew snow across the ice in waves and snow devils danced there way through our trap field occasionally springing flags that would have to be checked and reset. Mr. Ed sets the hook and  AC hides out of the wind to enjoy a cup of the Retired Guys camp coffee. RG also did a bang up job with the fire and the side of beef he cooked to perfection.

Despite the cold wind, snow and no prize money we had a great time. First timer to the ice, Elmer's sister Elmira joins Mar-e in putting the thermal shield to good use. Jimdogg shows one of the many too small fish we caught.

Camp was buzzing with activity all day and Bite Me Bait Co Carp Cup winner Ivaylo Petrov showed up to give ice fishing a try.


Preparing for the Derby

Grand Poobah asks RG to come out one more time.

Grand Poobah tells RG, (retired guy)"It ain't over yet! You might be retired from the job, but not from your fishing responsibilities." RG answered, "Who do I look like Junior Seau? There is only one thing I want to know about next week! Can I get a hat like yours in time?" Elmer says he will bring a blanket for "Chief"

The Duo was there and performing their usual ice fishing trap sprints. Cindy holds up a nice 3-4 pound bass. This weekend they were joined by Black Rose skipper, Rich Antonino and children. Junior is a chip off the old block, holding his monster bass. Rich joined us upon hearing we were catching yellow fin pond tuna.  Rich and the Black Rose are known world wide for catching tuna in the Gulf of Maine. He fishes 3 seasons of the year, cod and haddock, striped bass, shark, tuna, he does it all. Follow the link above to find out more. Mr. Ed is just a model of consistency.

Jimdogg was psyched! "I had the 2nd place pickerel last year and this year I want first ." Jimdogg had twin pickerels this weekend and dedicated his second one to Arnie who couldn't make it.

Now you see us, now you don't

Hey Mr. Ed it's this way!!!

Come join us on the ice. Look for the flag!

A day of fun in the sun!


January 23, 2010

Jimdogg's twin brother Arnie waits to set the hook.

Furnace Pond - Pembroke Massachusetts

The flags were flying and and everyone caught fish.

Jimdogg was dog sitting so we headed out to fish his home water, Furnace Pond. What a beautiful mid winter's day. Little wind, plenty of sun and great ice conditions, and of course the flags.  Jimdogg had the pool winner today at 2 pounds 12 ounces. The Grand Poobah said, "I'm weighing mine in anyway!"  AC gives Brady, Jimdogg's dog, a lesson on survival. "Mess with me and I'll let you have it!" Arnie had a nice pickerel too. Mar-e our life line to all the stuff we forget chipped in also. "Thanks for the dozen shiners and the food Mar-e." everyone exclaimed. Rock Bottom has played Camp cookie quite well, lately broiling up the steaks and brots. Elmer made his famous turkey soup and no one went away hungry.

The pond was crowded with ice skaters. Some just tooling around and other playing hockey in make shift rinks dotted here and there across the ice. The Pythons soon discovered us and were buzzing all around checking out our fish, the bait and the traps. Rock Bottom gave the kids the "hole" story as the questions were coming nonstop. Some nice hot turkey soup helped fill the stomach and warm the innards. The hockey boys were happy for it. "I'll keep an eye on these traps way over here, while you take care of those kids, Rock" said AC. And he laughed as the crowd soon got bigger.

We had visitors all day long. They see the flag and they want to know more about us and what we are doing. "This is great for me." said Jimdogg. "I fish this place a lot in summer and do quite well. But it's nice to fish the same waters from the ice and do well also."

AC wasn't moving from his twin holes asking "Where are the fish?" Rock Bottom was moving as he hustles to a flag on the outer fringes of the trap set. The group all claimed this fish as their own. And Rock sits in the kitchen with his new buddy Sean who loved Rocks hat and the turkey soup. Perch were the dominant fish today taking most of the flags. They are pre-spawn and hungry. Most had fat bellies loaded with roe.


Ice fishing 2010

Jan. 20, 2010

Large shiners hug 2-3 feet under the ice bring bass to the trap! The ice fish weighed 3 pounds and the one I am holding weighed 2 pounds 3 ounces. My dog Max asked about the sled pullers union."Where is my liaison Pat Crowley!  This is a bog pond on the south shore, and full of bass. If you eat them don't over fish them. Fish different ponds and lakes. Limit "keepers" to a range between 2-4 pounds. Return those smaller and those bigger. That way you preserve your fishing!

Jan. 16, 2010

Duo joins dad and in-laws at Candlewood Lake in Connecticut

It was hard to tell who caught the biggest fish Lucy or Dad!

Throw in a couple of big perch to go with the small mouth bass and you have a fish fry!

Elmer takes trip to the Oxbow in North Hampton for pike.

Slow day ices 1 small pike but puts three more applications on file!

Colebeast and  Dad, plus Carpaddict82 join Elmer and Mar-e in a search for pike at the Oxbow. The fish didn't cooperate but new friends were made and that's what it's all about.

I know, but it is a pike!

Weather was perfect, the ice was a foot thick, we didn't need the tent, and Max won the dog race! Who could ask for a better day.

Ice Fishing for Crappie, Perch and Bass

When the fish are biting, you are in for 2 good times. One is the catching and the other the eating!

January 14, 2010 and the ice is hot!

Grand Poobah and 1/2 the Duo hit it right!

With all his fish, Why isn't the Grand Poobah smiling?

Crappie Heaven

Cause I only smile at doubles!


Saturday at the pond. Friends, Food and Fish. The sun is shining and the ice solid!

Grand Poobah Rock Bottom is all smiles! Mr. Ed holds up his end and new pal Watizname display the cream of todays crop.

Old friends and new friends

With the continuation of cold weather, most of the local ponds have solid ice. Now is the time to join friends and family on a winter outing. Set up the shelter, raise the flag, cut plenty of holes and set out the gear.

The Beginning

Crappie was the primary target of today's agenda and we filled the bill. Dan fills soon to be mom Caitlin, in on the Hole Story.  "It was my first ice fishing trip." said Cait. "But it won't be my last.  It maybe my last this year though, as I am due in 4 weeks. Inside the shelter it was warm and cozy. But for the most part we enjoyed the sunshine and the camaraderie of the day."

Jimdogg and Elmer bring the dogs to teach them the ropes.  We should have brought two ropes each! Billy Bob said "Winter Saturdays on the ponds is as good as it gets."

The yellow perch were a pain in the (ice) with their spring the trap and swim away tactics, but we did catch some bigger fish that made the lunchtime grill.

A special thanks to one of the local young men who plowed us a path to drag our gear out.

Get out and enjoy!

Keep an Eye on the Other Guy!

 "Duo"makes a statement!

Fishing couple  start off this season of ice fishing with a bass bonanza!

Flags fly fast and furious on the first ice of the season!

Cindy poses with her ice hound Lucy while she displays some of the days catch. "We had a good start to the 2010 season with some good ice and hungry bass." said Cindy "I am so happy we have early ice. Ken and I spend many happy hours together ice fishing."

"Nice fish all around today." said Ken as he shows off the big ones of the day. "This is one of many bog ponds we fish on the South Shore. Bass is the target here, but we target crappie and on occasion trout and salmon."

Elmer joins the party with a couple of nice fish from another bog pond in the local area. "Beautiful afternoon in early January. Ice thicknesses ranged from 4-6 inches. Thinnest ice was beneath the deepest snow. Water depths ranged from 4-7 feet. I was using large shiners hung in the top half of the water column. It was nice to see the line spinning out as the fish took off. The biggest one weighed 3 pounds 3 ounces.

Big Bass and pickerel can be found in many shallow impoundments throughout the south shore. Try them all if you get the chance.

Rock Bottom assesses potential Bite Me bait Co applicants John and Mike for proper ice fishing techniques. Both men passed with flying colors. Meanwhile Elmer displays a feisty 3+ pound pickerel.

Nice Job Guys! See you on the ice.

Max agreed to pull the sled as long as the Grand Poobah didn't banish him from ice fishing.

Duo joins dad and in-laws at Candlewood Lake in Connecticut

It was hard to tell who caught the biggest fish Lucy or Dad!

Throw in a couple of big perch to go with the small mouth bass and you have a fish fry!

New Years Eve 2009

Elmer cracks first ice with a nice large mouth bass. Missed two big ones at the hole, however. Heater fishing works well with cold winds. There was nothing wrong with sitting in a warm truck waiting for the flags to fly. Mar-e made a shelter out of  the sled as Elmer takes last fish of the 2009 season.

Snow was flying and a quick 2-3 inches made for a perfect setting.

Ice Fishing 2009

Ken shows a nice Oldham Pond Crappie

First ice trip of 2009 finds us on Oldham Pond, Pembroke, MA. Here is where we come to work out any gear issues before we head on any field trips. Normally we catch a lot of big crappie, white perch, pickerel and large mouth bass and yellow perch. Today was a yellow perch day. Plenty of flags to chase all day and all but three were yellow perch. Ken's crappie tipped the scale at 1.75 lbs. which is typical for this pond. The white perch were also respectable.

Billy Bob catches his first fish on a jigging rod, while the "Duo" tend to business. Jimdogg holds up the first white perch of the day, one of only two for the day. The ice was hard and smooth as only first ice is. The weather was clear and cold to start, as beautiful a day as could be asked for. As the day wore on the snow clouds moved in and the day turned a winter gray. New England at it's finest. Next trip will be a joint ice fishing adventure with some CAG members.

Mar-e saved the day with an emergency delivery of bait and grill.

 Steak tips, goose sausage, brots and dogs make the day perfect.

Some of the many different style traps we use.

Proof the ice was thick enough!

AC gives Elmer some advise.

Day two shows what Oldham Pond routinely produces. Rock Bottom displays the real deal. Flags a flying and plenty of variety.  Crappies from 1.5- 1.75 lbs. Yellow Perch were full of roe. The bass was just under 3 lbs. Snow covers the pond and colder weather is closing in.

January 18, 2009 the "Duo" again show their stuff at Oldham Pond. Snow storm doesn't slow the fishing here. 2.5 hours and not a slow minute.

Oldham Pond fishermen recording many crappie pinfish.

Mr. Ed is all smiles as the flags keep flying!

It was pin fish all around Sat. January 24, 2009. New members Greg Budd and Cousin Nick cashed in on the big crappies of the day. Greg got his first pin fish a 2lb 2oz slab. Most of the fish caught this day were in the 2 pound range. Bruce Johnson of "The Outdoor Sportsman" says "Big crappies are the rule this year. I have seen more than the usual amount of 2 lb fish."

The crew was in top form with Grand Poobah, Rock Bottom catching the big pickerel of the day award. Elmer sacrificed the hot run to Greg who caught the big one of the day. Jimdog had a few giant slabs himself while Nick and Rock Bottom caught the only pics.

The usual suspects racked up their fish for the day.


Both Oldham and Furnace Ponds are connected with each other and contain many of the same sized fish. Both have big pickerel.  Nick shows his Oldham Pond fish and Elmer holds a nice 3lb+ fish from Furnace Pond. Nick has a big smile because he just learned his pickerel was big enough to qualify him as an active applicant for Bite Me Bait Co membership. Good Luck Nick!

Rich Jr. says "I have my pin fish!"

Winter continues to be nice to the "Bite Me Bait Co"

"Bite Me Bait Co." takes 2 seconds and a third in the Abington Cellar Fishing Derby.

"Bite Me Bait Co"  cashes in at Abington Cellar Ice Fishing Tournament

Elmer takes 2nd place with a 3 pound 11 ounce bass while Jimdogg takes 2nd in the pickerel race with a 4 pound 8 ounce fish. Rock Bottom takes 3rd with a 1.5 pound largemouth. The wind was howling and most of the fishermen huddled on the west bank of the pond to avoid the brunt of it. It was so strong the ice tent was trying to fly away like some big box kite. Rock Bottom gets excited when the fish are flying.

"Bite Me Bait Co." members hop the next train to the "Cellar" in North Abington to collect the winnings!There was plenty of action to keep everyone busy. Even South Park's Kenny stopped by to catch a fish.

Everyone was in a playful mood. Billy Bob flying the BMBC kite and Grand Poobah, Rock Bottom demonstrates the proper use of ice spikes. We always take the time to talk about where our safety ropes and other gear is located so that if the unexpected happens, everyone will know what to do.

Setting up camp was a breeze and the Shappel 4000 kept the breeze off us.  Billy Bob is playing with the kite while a flag waves in the breeze behind him. Rock Bottom makes short work of his share of the "Hole Story".

"You shudda seen it take off." says Rock to the crowd at the "Cellar."  Jimdogg was all smiles as the money comes his way. The crowd was festive and the after fishing buffet was perfect. A fine time was had by all.

Rock Bottom is a happy man. And Billy Bob serves a "timeout" in the Shappell.

Rock Bottom, Billy Bob, join Elmer, Mar-e and Carp Anglers Group for a nice Day on the ice at Indian Lake, Worcester. Large crappie and many PB white perch to go around. Marius got a bullhead to add to the mix. And a great time was had by all.

Sunday morning small pond bass.

"Bite Me Bait Co" secret bass spot produces a good time for all! Easing off the high from the "Cellar" tournament. The "boys" showed our secret bass pond to Roger Aziz Jr. from Methuen. Roger, one of Massachusetts best fishermen from year to year, shared info and fish stories as we awaited the rain that will end ice fishing on the South Shore this year. This pond is less than 2 acres and in a busy spot. But we knew that there were plenty of bass there just waiting to be caught. Ice thickness varied from 6-4 inches and some of the shores were showing open water. Ice integrity expert Billy Bob showed up and verified what we already knew. The bass were all healthy and the colors were striking. The rains came and the day finished somewhat early, but not without plenty of runs and some memorable moments. Jimdogg took top honors with a 3 pound 12 ounce "Bucket Mouth".

One last time before we have ice out on the Massachusetts South Shore. Some of the small venues still had workable ice today Feb. 26, 2009. Little Accord was no exception. A couple of runs and two fish. I missed the best run of the day.  It is a sad day when the local ice disappears. Still it was a great ice fishing season for the "Bite Me Bait Co." group. I went back to chipping my holes the last couple days and came up with some great ice blocks for the bowling for seagulls segment.

Cape Boys log in with plenty of fish stories themselves.

The "Skeeter Brothers"  show the rest of the world that they can ice fish too. "Just because we don't get ice every year, doesn't mean we don't know what we are doing." says Rake holding up his bass. "We have the best trout and salmon ponds down here too!" chipped in the "Hammer"  "Look at this beauty!"  With the cold weather this winter there was plenty of ice to fish and the boys took full advantage. Thanks for the photos!  "Moose"

Hard Water 2009

Monponsett  East

Jimdogg takes top honors Saturday with a nice 4.5 pound pickerel. There were plenty caught and this was the best of the lot. Also yellow perch over 1 pound made an appearance. White perch and small crappie added to the fun. Vladimer de Cellar' caught his first through the ice and the locals stopped by to talk about the fishing and the day. Their owners were nice too!

Mar-e gets a 3+ pound pickerel too.

February 7 & 8

Crappies and pickerel keep the winter hopping. Jimdogg scores a 1 pound 14 ounce crappie while AC and Elmer keep up the pickerel parade. Billy Bob prepares the feast!

The "Duo" keeps up the frantic pace.

Big Crappies continue to fall and plenty of big pickerel to go around.

Jimdogg get a 2 pound 4 ounce crappie and Elmer shows a 3.5 pound pickerel.

Late winter ice on the pond!

Ponds North and west of Rte 495 still have plenty of ice to go around. CAG co-chairmen Elmer and Marius (AKA Dr. A) ham it up for cameraman Jimdogg.  Dr. A jigged up a nice bass. Jim shows he can hold his own on the trap line with plenty of fish to his credit. Roger Aziz Jr. plays one of the many bass he caught today.

Local fisherman Kevin and his dog showed us the ropes on his local pond. Largemouth bass and pickerel made the day. Throw in a bunch of yellow perch and you have a great day of fishing.

Winter slow to go on Lake Champlain 

Mar-e and Elmer take advantage of the late season ice to fish for pike on the season's last weekend.

Season ends on Mar. 15, 2009

     Mar-e shows her new personal best Pike.

       Lake Champlain the "sixth" great lake should be high on any fisherman's list of places to visit.  From the trout and salmon to the pike, bass, walleye and panfish, this lake has all the fish you love to catch. We chose the town of Swanton, which is situated in the northeast corner of the lake, bordering Canada. Big pike patrol these waters and they were what we were after . Ice conditions varied from the south to the north, but on Missisquoi Bay the ice was 12-15 inches thick. That was good because the weather was great for the weekend. Sun was bright and the temps were in the high 40s and low 50s. Add some savage pike into the mix and you have on great time.

       The first stop on the tour was North Country Bait and Tackle to buy fishing licenses. It was there that we were informed of the new bait laws. When you buy bait you are handed a permit that allows you to keep your bait at home for only 3 days before it must be used. Any bait that you bring to the lake has to stay at that lake. All bait not used alive or dead must be throw down a hole before you leave the water. The reason has to do with fish borne diseases and we will be doing a follow up story on New England bait laws, explaining the different state regulations. It took a few minutes of fast talking to pry some the good spots from their lips but every where they told us panned out.

      The best find on the trip was Bite Me Bait Co's newest members, Mike Bishop and his son Hunter. They went out of their way to make Mar-e and me feel right at home. Did I mention he put us on to good fish too? Mike owns  a welding business called "Dawn to Dusk" welding and is on Rte 7 just south of the town center and if you ask, he will show you a house full of fishing and hunting trophies.

       Mar-e with her first pike, Elmer with a nice one and what looks like a small mouth bass. (Palest looking bass I've ever seen.) Mike shows how a welder comes up with a finger and fish saver. Mar-e and I learned a lot about big pike this weekend. At times we had big fish on, but cut leaders and straightened out hooks lost us some big ones at the hole. Below Hunter holds a 6.5 pound beauty that had two on my hooks in him along with the shiners. Hunter hauls in his own fish too. His PB is 10 lbs +!

       We fished in water 4-10 feet deep and hung large shiners just under the ice. Another plus Pike fishing Lake Champlain is that each person can set out 15 tip ups. This insures a day of constant running for flags.  Small fish play hit and run and the ever present perch set off a few too. Wire leaders are a must!! These big game fish can strip a lot of line from your spool, so have plenty on there.

Ice Fishing 2007

Oldham Pond Dec. 23, 2007

With 7 inches of ice on the pond we ventured out to try for big pickerel and largemouth bass. We were using large shiners and some pike shiners hoping to lure some of the pond's giant lunker bass to the hook. No Bass today but we did pick up a nice three pound pickerel and a bunch of small white and yellow perch. Highlight of the day was the large eel that AC caught.


Belgrade Lakes Pike Fishing

Mar-e proves a quick study.

Once again Oldham Pond show it's reliability at producing consistently good fish. After showing her the technique by catching a white perch. Mar-E responded by icing a nice crappie and largemouth bass. These were her first ice fishing and it's loosed another fanatic. "I couldn't believe how I felt when I saw the fish coming through the ice." said Mar-E. "I really never understood just how much fun this is." "And I get to keep a close eye on Elmer"

                                                                                                                     What did you get Elmer?

How.... long do you let it run?             A nice white perch at Oldham Pond

We use mostly circle hooks. They consistently allow us to release fish unharmed. We kept the slab for an old friend but all the rest went back. Sunday Feb. 4 we will be back at Oldham Pond Pembroke Mass. Come by and share lies with us.     

    Oldham Pond

It was 05:10 when I cranked over the engine in the truck. The temperature was near 10 degrees and a brisk wind was blowing from the north. A beautiful morning for the pond and ice fishing. G-No was in the driveway before I had the auger in the truck and AC was right behind. A quick breakfast at Anita Marie's in Rockland center and it was off to the pond.  The ice was the smoothest I have been on in years and the ice cleats sure made a difference.  We had no problem negotiating the 400 or so yards to our "spot".  There were plenty of other fishermen on the pond right after us, and soon the sound of augers filled the still morning air.  We raised the standard and fishing was under way.

The "Bite Me Bait Co." kite had no trouble staying aloft in the steady wind. The "girls' Mar-E and Flann show off their skills while Chief looks on. There are more different types of traps than you can shake a stick at, but what you want to see is the "flag."  All will catch fish for you if you use the correct sized bait and set it to the correct depth.

 First fish went to Elmer, a nice 4 pound largemouth bass. G-No and AC  followed with nice Calico bass or crappies as they are known. Jimdogg prays at the hole for a big crappie. Mar-E lost a nice fish on the trap on the right.

                                                                       Elmer in sterio                            Rock bottom                                Billy Bob

The rest of the crew showed up and quickly got into the act and we put some nice crappie in the live well. We released most fish but brought a few home to treat Hank to a feast. We made some new friends from New Hampshire and we directed them to a couple of good spots to fish. We plan to go visit them on their lake for a friendly fish off.

The grill was hot and the food was never ending. We even picked up some new members "The Duo".  We always share what we have with our fellow fishermen. Breaking camp was a challenge with the wind as it was. But all the gear was packed, the ever present seagulls eating any dead bait you toss to them, and we were on our way home for the Super Bowl

Bog Ponds

Recent additions to the Burrage Pond Wildlife Management Area has made a couple of bog ponds more available to fish. One marked #63 on maps lies adjacent to Burrage Pond to the NW. It is a small impoundment with an average depth of 4-5 feet. Aquatic vegetation can be an issue at times and the north end holds the deepest water. Large and medium shiners hung just below the ice brought quick results. Decent sized pickerel and crappies made for constant running. Some were lost to the weeds but I pulled out and released a half a dozen nice fish in an hour and a half.  Bog ponds cover the SE corner of Massachusetts. Many are productive for "warm water species"



Lout Pond

We fish Lout Pond in Plymouth primarily to catch brown trout. There are rainbows stocked as well. As the state stocks it, go to their website to find out stocking dates and fish stocked. They will also provide you with a bottom contour map that can help you in your search for Brownies. Lout is a small kettle pond and many tube fishermen use it to fly fish in the spring and summer.  During ice fishing we also take an occasional lunker largemouth. All the bass go back after the "picture"

AC shows he has the bass down pat. His hat is by "Bagonya Enterprises"  Flann has her own style!



      Wally made an appearance to learn the "hole" story.

           Clicking on any picture will enlarge it for you.

Elmer and his fishing buddy

It works.....

It was Superbowl Sunday



Nice trout Billy Bob

Not bad



"We're Goin' In"

Dave with his brown.

Fish fry

Dave's Pic

Last brown of the day



Lake Chauncy

Known for big pike and tiger muskies, Lake Chauncy in Westboro, Massachusetts should be on every ones list to ice fish. Today I watched as these two guys caught the fish.  I was showing Craig Thompson how the "Fishing Buddy" works and he moved his bait up to coincide with the "echoes" and 5 minutes later pulled a nice 30 inch pike onto the ice. Poor Hegge, had a  seagull near one of his traps and the trap was moving. So out he goes to chase the bird away and the trap is still moving. Well it seems he rigged his flag wrong and the fish couldn't trip the flag. So when he pulled the trap out came a 30 inch tiger muskie. He was the most shocked guy on the ice. A couple of short  pike added to the day. I tried to get these guys to put the fish back but they were to happy to bring them home. And I guess I don't blame them. Find Lake Chauncy in Westborough, Massachusetts off Rte 9.  Take Lyman St. north to Chauncy St and the access point. This day we fished just to the left side of the access point on the main lake. Weed edges on the west side are prime spots also. Across the lake to the right look for the road and set up along the drop off there.  This may be the best bet for huge tiger muskies in Massachusetts. The Mass Division of Fisheries and Wild life have their headquarters here. And there has been a bait store on Lyman street beyond Chauncy St.

Craig Thompson, of Shrewsbury with his 30" Pike caught on Lake Chauncy, Westboro. First time fishing in six years. 12 ft of water and 4' deep

Pike on the ice.

Headless Hegge with his 30" Tiger Muskie fishing 12 ft of water, medium shiner about 6-8 ft deep.

pike and Muskie in live well.



"The Truck" at Little Pond, Morton Park, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Oldham Pond

Oldham Pond is one of our fun fishing holes. Located in Pembroke, Massachusetts it's close to where we live and we can talk our wives and girlfriends to come down for the food. We catch so many fish here it's hard to keep bait. Crappies galore and they all average 13-16 inches. Lots of largemouths and an occasional lunker does get caught.  Oldham pond connects to Furnace pond in the south of the lake and there is a herring run every spring. Some nice pickerel are caught here every year also.  Areas around the island in the north end seem to attract the most fishermen. Yellow perch and white perch also make an appearance on a regular basis. It's a great place to take the family or friends to enjoy a day outdoors. Bring the barbie and the fixings and your in for a great time. We release all fish but a few for a rare crappie fry.

Rock Bottom and Flan share a laugh on the ice.


Watch out for our traps!!!

Flan, Chief and Mare-E

If we keep holding it upside down will gravity make it longer?

Nice crappy Elmer!

Nice bass Billy Bob!

Biggest crappy of the day.

Flan, chief should be pulling you!!

Not a bad day.

Good bye!!

Nice Sunset



Olham Pond and many others from the air.

Only the "Shadow" knows.

"Rock Bottom" launching the standard!

Bite Me Bait Co. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send for autographed copy.

Good start.

Big Crappies for "Billy Bob"

Set the Hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pay off for Rock, Best bass of the day.

"Jimdogg" and Elmer show off.

Is everybody happy!

Bite Me bait Co. Complete Base camp.

Crappie heaven.


Do Bluegills count in the "Species" race!

Until we meet again..

Loading up to go home after a great day.

Shouldn't take more than two days to reach the cars.

Nice fat yellow perch.

Oh Yeah !!!

"Billy Bob" tries for a successful launching.

"Jimdogg" with "Best Crappie" of the day 15.5 inches. Jim had the best day with best pickerel, crappie, bluegill, and good size Largemouth

"Jimdogg" and the days only pickerel.

"Rock Bottom" displays his tournement "Beaver" hat.

We had some nice fish being caught all day. Everybody did well.

Jimdogg with a beauty.

I got one too!





"Billy Bob" has a big one!

Here it comes! A Beauty

Top catch of the year! Add the 5 lb bag of water "Billy Bob" caught at Little Pond and you have a winner!

"Billy Bob" scores big time!!!!!!!

Good size Pickerel being caught all day long.

Nice circle hook. Doing it's job to perfection.

Modern technology pays off.

Yes.... it's running! Give him some slack!

Ok, set the hook and Let's get him in.

Look at that circle hook in the corner of the mouth!!

"Rock Bottom's" pick for the week, pays off for Applicant Crovo.

Elmer had the big one today. Near three pounds.We had quite a few around 2lbs.

A few went to fish cakes, the others went back.

Stetson Pond

We went to Stetson Pond in Pembroke seeking largemouth bass, what we found was a lot of big pickerel. We made "Fitzy's" day. "If you get any extra pickerel will you bring me home a few" he pleaded. "You will just love my fishcakes.



            Little Pond in Morton Park, Plymouth, Massachusetts