Trout and Salmon

Sunday Morning Trout Run

AC shows them how.

A crisp cold December Sunday morning finds us at another trout pond. Ice at the edges couldn't keep ,us out of the water. Once again AC gets his trout. Brown trout , rainbow trout and tiger trout are regularly stocked in many ponds throughout the state. Get out there before the ice sets in and get some of these beautiful and tasty fish.

Billy Bob and G-No get the heat working, while Jimdogg shows a little rainbow that was released. Elmer poses with Shawn and Tom while teaching Shawn a few things about trout fishing.


Long Pond, Plymouth, MA

Long Pond in Plymouth is the Mecca for trout fishing on the south shore of Massachusetts. Take exit #3 and bear right if you are coming from the north. At the first intersection go across and follow the road down the hill to the pond. Parking is on the right of the road, though some people park on the ramp. Usually no one will bother you if there aren't any ramp issues. The boat ramp is in excellent shape and easy to use.  Mar-E and I come here to kayak and fish. A couple of clamp on rod holders, an Al's Goldfish on one and a small spinner or trout colored spoon on the other and troll the shores. Some of my best trout by kayak come as you paddle along the edges of the deep on both sides of the pond as you look south. Or stop and cast to the flats on the edges of the deep drop offs. Most every day you will see fish leaping from the water and it makes your blood boil.  The drop offs are quite dramatic as the water depths can go quickly to 100 feet in the deep valley that is the center of the pond. Plenty of brood stack salmon and trout of all kinds are stocked here on a regular basis. There are some very large brown trout that patrol the pond as it was once a designated special trout pond. The state provides free topographical maps of the pond on it's website. Many fishermen take to their waders and fish along the edges of the pond near the boat ramp. Most of the shore is private property so please don't hang on shore if you are wading.  When fishing during the summer go deep. Shiners down near the bottom or below the thermal cline will produce fish. Early morning and late evening are best as there is a lot of activity on the pond during the summer.

Billy Bob shows the ones to release


                 Oh yeah, I know All fishermen lie about how big our fish really were. But did I show you this one?




As you can see we spend time on Long Pond fishing from the shore, boats and kayaks, and even thru the ice when we get it.

Long Pond is indeed one of the top trout and brood stock salmon fishing spots on the South Shore. Other ponds in the area that produce trout and salmon include Little pond in Morton Park and Lout Pond just outside the park.