From the Gurnet Lighthouse at the head of Plymouth harbor to the Gurnet Lighthouse by way of Duxbury Bay.

If you are lucky enough to know somebody with access to the Gurnet or have a sticker to Duxbury Beach you can take a wonderful trip from outer Plymouth Harbor to the back beach of Duxbury. Fishing along the way will bring you stripers and fluke if you know what your doing. Our kayak fleet started from the Gurnet traveling out beyond the light into Massachusetts Bay. We then rode the tide in and around Saquish Head into Duxbury Bay east of Clark's Island. Follow the creeks back toward the Gurnet on the "inside" and you complete a great time.


           Elmer gets his first kayak fluke in Plymouth Harbor.                                   Jimdogg   Where's the big one?


                                                                               File Photo by "Permit"  


 The ride in went well with the tide in our favor. A few schoolies and small fluke made it even more fun. We blew by Bug light and thru the rip that forms off Saquish Head and into the calm behind Clark's Island. Into the creek and if you follow the correct one you end up about 200 yards from where you put in.


                                                                       "Elmer are you sure this is the right creek?"