Call It a

Black Fish or Tautog

    This fish is the Northeast Coast Grouper

Mar-E with a nice Tautog or Blackfish her first.

This morning finds Mar-E and me heading to Rhode Island to go tautog fishing with the Frances Fleet. We don't target them in the Boston Harbor area, but as a young boy you could still catch them regularly around Pig Rock and the pumping station at Nut Island. Recently I have been told of tautog being caught around George's Island as a by-catch of the winter flounder boys. There are many good "rock" piles around the bay so get some green crabs and give it a try.

The Frances Fleet sails out of  Galilee Rhode Island. They have trips for all types of fish. Cod, Haddock, Pollack, Fluke, Black Bass, and Tautog.  And the price is reasonable. $70.00 got us a ticket and gear was extra.  Mar-E and I have been fishing with them since early summer. Every time we go we have a good time. Most fishermen we met would take the time to talk to you about what they are using and how have they done in the past. Today the boat was 3/4 full and the dawn was a beauty. Point Judith Light guided out of the harbor and on to our destination.

Galilee is a pretty little harbor with plenty of things to see.

Today we fished some of the wrecks that can be found along the coastline. We started on a new for the Frances Fleet wreck out in some deep water. Fish were big but not common. After a short while and some big fish we moved to another wreck and again scored a bunch of fish and some big ones made the box. In all we visited 4 wrecks and very few people went away unhappy. Unfortunately I didn't do as well as Mar-E as I caught only one keeper to Mar-E's three. Many of the regulars limited out with their 10 fish greater than 16 inches. Tautog are good eating fish and many people come from miles away for the chance to fish them. The pool winner went about 12 pounds. Tautog are a very quick fish and like grouper you better get them away from the bottom or you will soon be sawed off by the harsh structure in which they live.

Green crabs were the bait of choice. Some were cut in two and some were whole. There didn't seem to be a difference between the two for taking fish. Two hook setups were the rule and enough weight to hold the bottom. Most people had 10 rigs or more ready to go. We talked to many of the people on board and learned a few tricks on how to get them away from the bottom as quickly as possible.  We soon found out why. Mar-E hooked a good size fish as soon as she hit the bottom. However the fish dragged her line down into the wreck and we lost the first fish and rig.  It took losing a few rigs before we started bringing fish to the surface.

Nice fish buddy but only good for 2nd place!


The Captain and crew were the best. Good attitudes and always on the spot. The ride back to port was most enjoyable as everyone seemed to have plenty of fillets to bring home, along with the memories of a good day on the water. Black Fish season is just starting and we will be revisiting for another good time soon.

Mar-E stomped me into the ground with 3 keepers and 3 throwbacks to my 1 keeper and 1 throwback.

  Quite a few people were up from New Jersey and a good time was had by all.

                       Sakonett Point Light                                             Lots of fishing activity out of southern Rhode Island!

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