Nemasket River from Assawompset Pond

           to the fish ladder in Middleboro




April 26, 2006 a beautiful day for a kayak trip. It was a little too windy to cross the pond, so we launched on Vaughn St. Lakeville and traveled upstream to the sluice. There was a good strong breeze here as you can see. Best news was that it was blowing downstream. The wind  was blowing directly into the gate forcing more water than on a calm day which helped increase the speed of the flow with the added volume. The waves died down right around the corner.

Osprey above Mare-E did a spectacular dive from 50 feet to snare a prize, but came up empty.

There are plenty of bridges to pass under including Rte 495, Rte 28 and the RR bridge.

Wildlife abounds here. Muskrats, Osprey, Great Blue Herons, Turkeys, Mallards, Black Ducks, Wood Ducks, Red Wing Black birds, Painted Turtles, Swans and Canada Geese. It goes on with all the little birds. All in a two hour tour.

And if you come at the right time of year you will see the annual run of Alewives.