Kayaking Maineís Moosehead Lake

Early evening moose

Maine is a kayaking kingdom surpassed by few. From the interconnected lakes, ponds, and waterways, to the rugged Maine coastline, this is where itís at. From utter solitude to absolute attitude, itís all here.

Moosehead Lake area has always been one of Mare-Eís favorites. We try to get there at least twice a year, once in summer and once in winter. Each season has itís special magic to it.

Kayaking on Moosehead is a great time. You can explore the edges, cruising past cottages and houses of every shape and size. Then on to some of the more ďremoteĒ areas. Here you can expect to run into some of Maineís biggest critters. Moose, Black Bear, White tailed deer, Bald Eagles and much more may come into view at any moment. Be aware of your surroundings so that you donít get too close before the animal is aware of you!  Watch for BEARS!!!

Bring your fishing rod and get a weekend license to fish and have a ball. We find that if you put the rod in a holder, and just troll using your paddles, that you will catch decent fish on a regular basis. Salmon and trout make for good suppers after a nice day on the water.


                            This is our first trip in kayaks and Mare-E was nervous.


   Female moose heading into the thicket.                                             Coming back!