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2005 "Fisherman of the year"

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Elmer Mudguaard

Senior Editor, Writer, & Photography


2007 "Fisherman of the year"

1st Woman to win the award


Assistant Editor & Marketing Director & Photography



Daniel Larry Ryan

 Elmer checks out changes at Burrage Pond.

 Local wildlife to be affected. State gives grant to study water flow through Burrage Pond wildlife area.

    Elmer holds up one of Burrage Pond's senior members, a mature Northern Water Snake.

 "They look dark on land but the colors show up when you see them in the water.Mar-e and I have seen this particular snake quite often over the last several years. This is the first time I was able to handle it. ' said Elmer. "He was caught on the bank and got to cold to slither away. Max my black lab saw him first. I'm hoping the proposed changes don't ruin the wildlife already here."


Bite Me Bait Co Carp Corner

Carp Fishing Across North America

Wacker Baits  

September 18, 2010

Corey Clough and Chris Iffy Co Champs at Bite Me Bait Co Carp Cup

A couple of 23 pound fish causes a tie.

Tyler ,Chris's nephew come in third!

Corey catches a 23 pound fish

The release!

See the story

One of the World's best Carp Sites



Larry J. Ryan appointed Harbormaster of Rockland, Massachusetts

"There isn't a lot for a Harbormaster to do in Rockland  and of course most laugh at the idea. But grant monies may be available to the Town of Rockland because we have one." said Larry, former Chairperson of the Rockland Board of Selectmen. "Now my wife, Mary, and I both carry badges." laughs Larry. "Oh Yeah, Reed's Pond is officially closed for clamming on orders of the Harbormaster and hold my calls. I'll be in Duxbury exercising my shellfish permit. See you at the beach."



May 10, 2009


Mar-e and Elmer take a day off from fishing to catch a glimpse of the Volvo Ocean Race vessels going through their paces in Boston Harbor.

A nice windy day was just what the doctor ordered.

New views across Rose Kennedy Park. Central Artery no longer obstructs the view!


Elmer and Mar-e

make big splash with Carp Anglers Group

 at Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

A fishing clinic was held at Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Elmer in his role as Co-Chair of the Massachusetts division of Carp Anglers group held an informational booth touting carp fishing as an excellent freshwater adventure. We also had a peg set up on the river that was manned by Greg Budd and Chris, who did an outstanding job teaching carp fishing the many people we sent their way. Corey and his wife Felecia, along with Marius Albota and his dad from Romania, helped make a good time even better.

Thanks to Susan Russo, who set it all up, for an outstanding day.

Susan was a great help to us and is quite an asset for the Great Meadows Refuge.

Elmer hams it up with the staff and some of the many people that passed by today.

Fly fishing and fly tying, spin cast practice, face painting and live fishing filled out a beautiful day for all the participants.

Burrage Pond

   Elmer and Mare-E dedicated to fun while fishing and hunting together!

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Carp Corner


Elmer & Mar-e

Jerome posts a Maine Estuary Common Carp

Carp Cup Tournament to be held October 20, 2007

Scott Osmond wins BMBC Carp Cup 2007


John E Sheehy Memorial Park

Pawtucket St.  Lowell, Massachusetts 7AM- 5PM

Maine Carp Fishin' 2007

World Junior Carp Tournament 2007

Scott Osmond breaks 20,000 fish milestone. See Scott Osmond

St. Lawrence Seaway, New York

Elmer and Mar-e in Tennessee

Elmer gets a 25 pound Carp

Carp catching video


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"Bite Me Bait Co." in Rome. Italy

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North River 2007

Scituate Harbor 2007

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Mar-e catches sturgeon.

South Florida Fishing aboard the "Lady Brett"

Red Sox Spring Training 2007

Quincy Yacht Club


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Hollin Gate from the Lord of the Rings

Martin McNair, Quincy Mass.

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