Kayaking Cohasset Harbor


Minot's Light


  Cohasset Harbor is one of New Englandís most picturesque harbors. Itís rugged coastline speaks of many a savage Norí Easter. Many beautiful harbors just like it can be found all along the east coast of New England, and northward into Canada.

  Guarding the entrance to the harbor is Minotís Light. There are stories enough to be told about itís lifetime to fill volumes. But itís claim to fame is itís beauty. Seen at sunrise and sunset, Minotís Light standing by itself in a calm sea brings a peace that seafaring people share worldwide.

  To get started on your harbor journey, plan ahead. Food, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, & PFD of course.  Plan on how long you are going to stay on the water and think about the tides and wind. Launching an hour or two before low tide will allow you to easily go out with the current. Then depending on your stay the tide will be coming in on your return. That can be a big help if the wind turns against you.

  Launch your kayak at the public pier at the end of Parker Ave. Itís a good place to start. Itís major flaw is public parking. There is none right at the pier but you can park along the water on Border St. If you visit the Harbormaster, at the right end of the bridge on Border St., He may tell you a secret spot or two if you be nice to him.

  I recommend this trip for early mornings in July and August as the harbor is filled with activity and great photos can be taken here. Also the mornings can be warm which makes it perfect. In the afternoons a south west  breeze comes up and you will have to work against it. Once you venture beyond the breakwater you break out into the mouth of the harbor.  There a great spit of sand that forms at low tide, which makes a great hangout for swimmers and boaters.

Taking off from there head in the direction of Minotís. There you will see the end of the Glades and rocky islands. Even with  the tide is going out, this still will take a little while to navigate. Novice kayakers should be aware of distance you travel. Remember the return trip can get long..... Once you clear the Glades and rock islands the light stands tall before you. Look carefully around the rocks and ledges and you will see harbor seals and many different sea birds.

Venturing out to the light is only for experienced kayakers. Always go with someone else and attach a life line to your paddle.

                                                                                   Let's see, port left, starboard right?

 Bring your fishing rod, cameras, or even a good book to read if you just want to float around or sit on a remote part of the beach or island. The ride home is just as pretty.  Enjoy!

          Story and photos by "Elmer"