May 9, 2009

"Bite Me Bait Co" teams up with Captain Dave Patry

of the Cathy Ann

Captain Dave Patry Speaks

Like most of our fishing trips we start with breakfast. Breakfast in Rockland means "Anita Marie's." Proprietor Vivian Anastasia caters to the fishing crowd and will often show up early (4am) to make sure we are full and ready for a day of fishing. The coffee was hot and the eggs done to perfection. It was a portent of things to come.

After breakfast it was off to Green Harbor. The weather wasn't perfect and the early part of the day was somewhat bumpy. We fished near the southern end of Stellwagon Bank and there was plenty of company. The Captain and the crew were outstanding as usual. Special thanks to 1st mate Paul Cronin and 2nd mate Bill Mc Garry as they did a great job helping with the line tangles and chipped in with fish of their own.

The Cathy Ann has a wide beam and there was plenty of room for everyone on board. Jimdogg looks on while Paul takes one of Bill's fish to the fish box. Capt. Dave adds his own cod to the box and Bill makes sure to keep an eye on the goings on. Below, Mar-e earned special attention from the Capt. while catching her first codfish. Elmer shows a typical fish we caught today. Here are some friends we often meet out on the "bank".

Sea life on the Bank

Whales feeding

Everyone caught fish today and we had our limit of cod on board when we set out for the dock. Norwegian jigs and pink teasers made Jimdogg and Elmer the hot hands today. Most everything worked as the fish were plentiful. Capt. G-No, Jimdogg, Rock Bottom and Billy Bob are full of smiles as they bring in the bounty of the sea.

This was one of our best cod fishing trips as a group in 5 years. We brought in over a hundred pounds of fillets and everyone went home happy. Call or contact Capt. Dave Patry and the Cathy Ann for a charter that's worth the money.

Hey G-No, It's the other right. Get the tape measure. Grand Poobah, Rock Bottom displays "the colors" on his life vest
and his prowess with a fishing rod.


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