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Elmer shows his PB Common from Ogdensburg, NY 39lbs 12ozs           While Mar-e shows her 25lbs 9 oz mirror from the Blackstone River

Elmer named Co-Chairman of Massachusetts Carp Anglers Group July 2008



Welcome to all our Friends World wide!!!

Wacker Baits  

Corey Clough and Chris Iffy Co Champs at Bite Me Bait Co Carp Cup

A couple of 23 pound fish causes a tie.

Tyler ,Chris's nephew come in third!

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Celtic Baits



Carp Fishing Across North America

Mike Dragone of Connecticut shows CAG's biggest Mirror Carp caught in Massachusetts

Mario Kok of Mexico shows his end of the continent is in the running!

Other sites from across the pond.

Crafty Carping


When you come across the pond look us up. We'll take you fishing!

Meet Mar-e the carper


Water St. Haverhill, Massachusetts

Ivaylo Petrov set to defend!

2009 Champ says, "I'll be there and I hope to see many of my fellow fishermen from

Carp Anglers Group there too! This is a great fun event!"

Elmer says: "We expect people from Turkey and France as well as across the US. We hope to have some special guests too! Checkout our Facebook Event Page to see who's coming!

 Sign in starts at 0700. Trophy and prizes awarded. No entry fee or Freshwater license needed. Salt Water registration a must. Log in above. Short and sweet and free!

Carp Cup Prizes donated by The Bite Me Bait Co with a special thanks to Elmer's sons Matt and Dan Matt donated the Celtic's jacket and fly rod, Dan donated the Koi Cup. Thanks to Wacker Baits  and   Big Carp Tackle for their support.


Thinking Carp?

Celtic Baits



Taking a brother-in-law fishing carp fishing for the first time?

Better hope you stay married to my sister because you just got me for life!

Author Corey Clough and Jimmy

The weather was hot and the girls had things to do so, my wife suggested I take her brother carp fishing. The rest is history in the making.

It was the 4th of July weekend so my wife and I decided to have her brother and girlfriend over for the for the fireworks and celebrations.  My wife pulled me aside and asked me to bring Jimmy Carp Fishing. He has never been and he sees your pictures and asks about it all the time. So I asked him and he was honored because he has  never fished before. Next thing was to get prepared to go out in the morning on the 4th. First thing first he registered online, got a 3-Day license and then off to Stop and Shop to get some method mix for the morning. I went over the whole purpose of using method mix (ground bait) with him before going to bed and showed him a few different rigs used to catch carp. So off to a good nights rest and dream of catching Carp. LOL

And catch carp we did!

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Abcof Fishing


July 24-25, 2010

Mar-e gets off the snide!

Charles and Merrimac River carp puts the rod and reel back where they belong.

"Glad to be back to catching fish again." said Mar-e. Though I haven't been able to get out much, when I have, I haven't caught any. It's only a little one, but it's a start for me. This stretch of the Charles River is very pretty and peaceful. Elmer and Jimdogg catch big large mouth bass here."

"This one's twice as big at 12.5 pounds, but this is a small one for the Merrimac River."

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Reel Fishy Live Fishing Ireland


Sunday on the Blackstone nets a few Mirrors.

Elmer meets up with Roger Aziz Jr. for some carp action along the Merrimac River

Some nice common carp 10 -18 pounds


 Elmer and Mar-e  join Carp Anglers Group Chairperson Greg Budd and the State's own Jim Legacy at Brookline Reservoir for

"Young People's Fishing Day"

Sunday morning in Brookline and we can't get a cup of coffee due to the big water main break. That didn't stop the state from putting on a great day. Jim Legacy and his crew were ready willing and able to make this a day to remember. Children from all around Brookline participated. Bite Me Bait Co and Carp Anglers Group member Corey shows the 21.5 pound carp that shocked the people walking by. Calls of "Look at the size of that fish!" and "You caught that here?" resounded from the crowd. "We never imagined fish that size here."  "You think this one is nice you should see the one my wife Felicia caught." said Corey. "Her picture is on the back cover of one of the magazines on the table over there." That meant Massachusetts CAG Chairperson Greg Budd was busy all day dispensing information about carp fishing and magazines about Carp Anglers Group.

A perfect day for fishing!

Kids of all sizes lined the banks and all had a good time except the sun fish who didn't enjoy it as much.

Greg Budd Massachusetts Chairperson for Carp Anglers Group


Bite Me Bait Co carp fisherman Dr. Marius Albota scores some nice

Texas Buffalo Carp

48 pound monster makes the trip!

Buffalo Carp Pictures and Story


Elmer declares 2009 Carp Season Open


    "Bite Me Bait Co"   

Carp Cup 2009

Carp Anglers Group Joins the Bite Me Bait Co for Annual Carp Cup Event

Tourney takes on international flavor with carpers from Romania and Bulgaria.

Ivaylo Petrov takes the Cup with a nice twenty pound fish!

The day was perfect, blue skies and little wind. Every one made it there with little or no trouble and the total carpers was 14.  Water temperature was only 45 degrees and it made for slow fishing. It wasn't until 1230 that the only fish was caught. There were a couple of runs during the morning session with Nick losing a fish to the structure that some times plagues this spot.  Greg lost a nice fish in the afternoon, that left Ivaylo standing alone on the podium.

Georgi couldn't wait to show us his Bulgarian carp choke hold!

Most of the AM crowd minus Greg's Uncle and friend.

From the youngest, Mar-e's granddaughter Emma.  To the oldest, Marius' dad, a good time was had by all!

There were plenty of prizes to be distributed and everyone went home with something to remember the day.

And the winner is Ivaylo Petrov

Elmer Congratulates Ivaylo


The Date November 7, 2009

Haverhill, Massachusetts 8AM - 4PM Rain or Shine

Trophy and prizes to be awarded

No fishing license needed!

Jimdogg models the peg in the pouring rain!

 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Saturday Oct. 23, 2009

Rainy days can't stop Jimdogg and Elmer from their weekly rounds.

Back up in Haverhill, Jimdogg gets big fish of the day at 18pounds 4 ounces. Elmer gets his first Merrimac River mirror carp. A 10 pound fully scaled specimen to go along with the 15 pound common he caught earlier. " It's my first mirror carp outside the Blackstone River Valley." said Elmer. Pineapple pop up boilies and plain maize did the trick. We did lose 4 fish to misfortunes of various types. The tide was down and in the shallow water next to the wall, we saw some big fish patrolling. Elmer got one to bite but the hook pulled as the fish took off.


Oct. 17, 2009

Jimdogg catches a couple of Whoppers

see the story

Carping still hot on the Merrimac

New Carpers Dan and Caitlyn

The Merrimac was running hard due to the recent rains. But that didn't stop us from enjoying the day and catching some nice carp.  Dan and Caitlyn each caught there own, with Cait catching the biggest one. Elmer also joined the fray with a couple of nice fish himself.

Welcome to all our Friends World wide!!!

When you come across the pond look us up. We'll take you fishing!

Dan shows his first, while Caitlyn shows true grit holding her first carp.

Dan learns that not all fish hooked make it into the net! "You loser Mudguaard" was the chorus when the line snapped on a big fish at the net. That wasn't the only one lost this day as we had plenty of debris in the water.

October 3, 2009

Jimdogg joins Elmer at the wall in Haverhill

Wet weather and Capt. G-No in New York, forced us to get the carp rods out and make a morning of it. We weren't disappointed. The tide was still running in, and the rain slowed enough to almost enjoy, as we set out the gear. Soon we saw fish breaking the surface and we knew it wouldn't be long.  Rod #1 went screaming and the fish was on! Elmer skillfully work it to the net and we had our first one.

Turns out to be a nice one just shy of 16 pounds. Jimdogg was next with his biggest carp to date at 17 pounds 10 ounces.  Jimdogg was happy to see his fish raise it's dorsal fin for the picture, "They are really an impressive fish and so much fun to catch." said Jimdogg.  Elmer ended the morning with a fine fish just under 19 pounds and Jimdogg snapped the picture just in time for another fine dorsal fin display.

Merrimac River guide Roger Aziz Jr. has been spending some time on the Merrimac too! "This is my home territory and I know every inch of it." states Roger. "I do a lot of my fishing and catching in this river from boat and from shore. You can't beat this part of Massachusetts for places to catch fish."

Elmer shows a nice 10 pound Blackstone Mirror Carp he caught Sept. 30



Aug. 30, 2009

Sunday Morning on the Merrimac

Jimdogg records his biggest Common carp at 15 lbs 5 ozs

It was chilly, but not our spirit. Elmer took Jimdogg to Haverhill early Sunday morning to fish on the Merrimac River and had the whole place to ourselves. Each of us lost a fish and some gear to the river trolls which inhabit this place, but both of us landed a nice fish to make the morning a productive one.  Again the locals were out there checking out the fish and our gear to make sure we were prepared for the big one. We didn't get lucky today but we will be back on another Sunday morning to try again.


 Aug. 27, 2009

Elmer teams up with BMBC carper Corey to chase

 some large sea run carp on the Merrimac River.

Taking a break from ocean fishing, but still wanting to catch some big fish, Elmer took a ride to Haverhill to fish for large common carp.  Carp can be found in the Merrimac River from the New Hampshire border to the breakwater in Salisbury, Mass. These large fish can put up quite a fight on medium action "striper gear" and obstructions in the river make every hookup an adventure. We met up with Corey and soon were wetting our lines in the outgoing tide. It took about an hour before we started getting some action. Corey who has fished many miles of the Merrimac, described the proper technique for bait placement and he was correct as usual. One technique in river fishing is to apply as much pressure as you can get away with to get your fish up near the surface. This may increase the catch and decrease the trips to the bait and tackle store.

Corey works his fish off the bottom and brings it to the net.

We had a few runs that were turned into lost gear due to the underwater trees and debris that wash down the river. A bridge net is a must in some areas and can make the landing every bit as exciting as the catching. There are many areas to fish for carp from the Rte 495 bridge to the mouth of the river. Channel catfish make the rounds and can be quite tasty when prepared properly. The carp weighed in at just under 24 and 20 pounds. Locals, who also fish this stretch of river, were full of stories of the different species they have caught. In spring time this is a favorite spot of the striper fishermen as the fish chase alewives and shad upstream to the dam in Lawrence.


September 20, 2009

Blackstone River fishin with Greg Budd

Mar-e loves looking at the mirror!

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Elmer catches Charles River Carp in Dedham

Workplace peg delivers 12 pound beauty

Another work place carp. Sept. 18, 2009 Bait the spot and they will come! I only fish long enough to catch one fish a day.

I caught a 50 pound snapper ending my peg till the water cools.

New England Yankee Challenge goes to Massachusetts.

Kyle leads pack with 5 fish caught!

Elmer blanks but still wins. Final score MA25---CT20

4th Annual Carp Anglers Group Tournament

Damp and dreary day is no match for CAG spirit!

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Blackstone River Watershed

Billy Bob's First Carp Video

Buffalo Carp

Meet Mar-e the carper

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Elmer gets published in US CARP PRO MAGAZINE

Oh Deer, Elmer got published? Who'd a thunk it.

Online Magazines for the new generation.

May 18,2009

Carp Anglers Group Big 4 Carp Fishing Tournament

"Elmer" drops to 16th place going into tourney's last day. 

"Cod fishing wins out today but I had a great time participating in the tournament. I hope to do better in the next one!"

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Elmer takes first carp from Blackstone River March 16th

 Warmer temperatures and bright sun mean warmer water and more fish activity. Mar-e and I went down to one of our favorite spots to give it a whirl and came up with 2 hookups in an hour and a half. Unfortunately the damned east wind was blowing hard and after sunning ourselves on Lake Champlain over the weekend ice fishing, we opted for the early exit and the wood stove blazing at home. We (ahem) forgot to pack the net and that made landing the fish an adventure in a fast current. We did get one ashore and Mar-e lost a good sized one near the bank. Both fish were very colorful and fell to my own anise and vodka maize. We even grew the maize.  This year looks to be a good carp year and we will keep you informed of fish and fishing conditions.

Elmer and Jimdogg take a ride to springtime carp fishing on the Merrimac River. The water was moving fast in the tidal section of the Merrimac River Saturday morning, with plenty of debris. One hook up and a lost fish was the best we could do. Striped Bass were jumping and breaking water as they chased herring upstream. Sunday was different spot upstream in Lowell and a couple of fish in the 9 pound range for Elmer. Newbie carp fisherman Scott, displays a fine 17 pound fish he caught on light gear and 8 pound test line. Nice Job Scott. Reports from Roger and Corey say the biggest fish can be caught near the mouths of in flowing water. They are taking fish in the low, to mid twenties on a regular basis.


Spring hits the Blackstone!

It started out a cold windy day. But it turned out just right in the end. Spot number 1 was seriously altered due to a dam repair. Where we once had 5 feet of water, we now had mud. The were some lighter moments as Chris attempted to cross a mud river. Down he went but he managed to  stagger to his feet for a standing 8 count. Greg attempts to call in a helicopter as Elmer gives himself a sobriety test for going across in the first place.

So it was off to spot number 2 and another try at finding our quarry. Meanwhile 50 miles away Dave Pickering was scouting for fish of his own. The plan was to hit the middle Blackstone then meet up with Dave in Rhode Island. Things weren't going his way so we hit the secret spot. It wasn't long before we hit pay dirt.

Again our secret spot pans out as we took a dozen or more mirror carp and one little common. The water was high and still chilly, but placing our bait near the far bank where the sun shone the brightest, worked. Chris's homemade boilies took half the fish and Elmer's anise extract and vodka maize took the other half. Elmer and Mar-e hit the daily double.

Most of today's fish were fully scaled and the 2 biggest went 15 pounds (Elmer) and ten pounds (Chris). A call to Dave in RI revealed he had only caught one fish and he recommended we stay put.

Jimdogg and Elmer ditch the flounder chase and return to the Blackstone River to salvage the day. We headed to Nut Island, located at the end of Hough's Neck in Quincy. Cold winds and water temps made for a short visit. Nothing was biting and along with a couple of other hardy souls, we called it quits. We regrouped and a couple of hours later had us at the secret spot. Unfortunately another group had stumbled into the hot spot and we had to settle for experimenting with the upper whirlpool. We got two runs and one fish. It was a little dead and even the vultures stayed away. Jimdogg surveys the eddies, while Elmer shows a typical catch. "I told Jimdogg if he makes through the dark tunnel he could end up in a better place."

Bring a new guy fishing. That's what it's all about!

March 25, 2009

Fresh from Ireland and me ancestors home of Tipperary, comes Alan, new to carp and fishing in general. Soon to be a brother in law of GBudd, we were teaching him how to be a good American husband. He's a quick learner.

"Bite Me Bait Co's" new liaison to the "Old Country" , Alan brings in his first of many Blackstone carp to come. Greg skillfully handles the netting duties.

Three mirrors and a common not bad for the first time.

Anise and vodka maize continues to be the hot bait.

1.) Take dry whole corn (maize) fill small container

2.) add 50% anise extract and 50% vodka               

     3.) store in refrigerator                                                      

                                 4.) when maize absorbs liquid go back and redo step  2                  

Elmer chips in with a few of his own.

Typical for the Blackstone. Many mirror carp and a few small commons.

High water hits Massachusetts' rivers

Water was pouring over the spillway making the whirlpool very tight. Dead center was the spot today. Fast currents made netting the fish, by myself, an adventure. Lost two to the current, one was apparently foul hooked as all I caught was a giant scale. The common looks like one we catch all the time. Santa was just checking to make sure I wasn't being naughty.


 Carp Tragedy in the Making

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Vinny Jeffreys wins 2008 Carp Cup

Massachusetts Carp Anglers Group joined with Bite Me Bait Co members in a battle for the BMBC Carp Cup. The winner is the one with the largest fish. This years event was held in the tidal zone of the Merrimac River.  Vinny Jeffreys from Lowell came in first with a 22+ pound common carp. Vinny is a well known carp fisherman with many experiences fishing carp across the country.


22 pound fish take cup home


Bite Me Bait Co VP's Score fish too. Billy Bob caught his first carp establishing his PB at 17.5 pounds. This was the second place fish.  Jimdogg was in the right place at the right time to score a 10.5 pound fish of his own.

Mini fishin with Carp Cup Champ Vinny Jeffreys

Everyone caught a fish today. Top fish by Elmer at 15.5 pounds.

Billy Bob's First Carp Video

Mar-e shows an 11 pound Charles River Carp

Mar-e continues to haul in fish!

Cold weather, high winds, No Problem

Elmer and Roger Aziz Jr. show some nice Merrimac River carp.

Blackstone River Carp Fishing

Merrimac River Carp Fishing

Charles River Carp Fishing

Buffalo Carp

15th Annual CAG Carp Classic

Sept. 27, 2008  Washington, DC

Elmer and Mar-e come up short in DC.   East Potomac Park was a beautiful spot just a short way from the Jefferson Memorial. Unfortunately we didn't score any carp. Mar-e did have a nice blue catfish that took a boilie but that was our only fish. Tim Petrak caught a nice 26+ pound mirror carp to take the Belt buckle. While Rick Slinker brought in 4 carp to take total weight. Both took home nearly $1000.00 in cash and prizes.

See the story

Tim Petrak, of Pittsburgh, PA holds the coveted Carp Belt Buckle, while Rick Slinker wins top angler award.

The area winners Tim Petrak, Dave Moore, Shannon and Tom Brooks and a strong backup cast.


Elmer wins Marshalls Fishin with 39 pound 12 ounce Lump

St. Lawrence Seaway Junior Tournament a Success

Mar-e gets new PB Common at 16 lbs 3 ozs

See the story


Happy Hanna Fishing

Break in rainsqualls is long enough to get in some carp fishing in on the Merrimac.

See the story


Elmer finds the Charles River a proper swim!

Summer and Fall

Pre-baiting works it's magic.

See the story


Mar-e and Elmer have great time at World Junior Tournament

Mar-e poses with Tom Felton, who along with his brother, created this tournament. This is a great event for families and people of all ages.

The tournament was a success and the marshals worked their butts off. Then it was our turn to fish and let loose. And everyone did.

Elmer wins Marshall's Cup

St. Lawrence Seaway nets Elmer a 39 lb 12oz fish!

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Carp Anglers Group Carp Cup to be held in Washington, DC September 27, 2008

For complete details link to Carp Anglers Group below
Carp Anglers Group American Carp Society

Proud members of CAG and ACS
Please practice catch and release at all times with carp.

Elmer & Mar-e compete in Yankee Challenge!

The Yankee Challenge is a competition between members of the Carp Angler's Group from Massachusetts and Connecticut. This years event is the third annual with both teams winning a leg. Original plans for the event had the swims along the tidal stretch of the Merrimac River. But due to high and fast water, the event was moved to Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester. This swim is most notable for the large "mirror" carp that inhabit the lake.

 Mike Dragone catches an 11th hour mirror to return the Yankee Challenge Trophy to Connecticut

The names have been changed to protect the innocent!


Carp and Koi

 Some of the Carp Fishins we attended in 2007

Merrimac  Fishin  St. Lawrence Fishin
CAGI Connecticut 2007 Maine Fishin

Carp Stories

Sunday morning carp fishing.

So many swims so little vacation.

Elmer and Mar-e in Tennessee

Elmer gets a 25 pound Carp

                                   Elmer's  25 pounds 4 oz common                                                                                                          Mar-e's first mirror 11 pounds Kingston, Tennessee

Elmer Catches 19lb 5oz Mirror Carp

Carp catching video

New Member Corey shows Elmer a thing or two about Carp hauling.

21.5 pounds                                                        Twins                                        21.5 pounds                

     Massachusetts Carp Waters

Places we fish.

 Carp Fishing  Canal Fishing Lowell
Carp Fishing the Merrimac River  Winter Fishing the Charles River

Some of our Carp we have caught.

 Mar-e's Carp page Elmer's Carp page


From Kingston, Tennessee a 27 lb 3oz common and from Uxbridge, Massachusetts a nice mirror carp.

Elmer shows some of the many carp he caught in 2008.

Blackstone River Watershed

Lockman 21 shows 1 of 20 fish or more he caught this day.


Mini fishin with Carp Cup Champ Vinny Jeffreys Nov. 15, 2008

It was tricky getting the carp from the water to the net today!

Carp World

Billy Bob's First Carp Video

Buffalo Carp

More Mirror Carp from the Blackstone River

Meet Mar-e the carper

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