Billy Bob

Creator of "Billy Bob" designed this website and is also a Staff Editor and contributing photographer. Once a fresh water fisherman only, Billy Bob has adapted to salt water fishing. "It doesn't take long to learn how to catch big fish when you have great teachers like Rock, G-No, Dave, Elmer and Jimdogg!"

The 2009 Bite Me Bait Co. Fisherman of the Year



Billy Bob made the jump from fresh water to salt in 2003 as he joined his dart teammate Rock Bottom

fishing "The Curve" surfcasting for stripers.


"Many firsts came my way in the year since. One of my highlights of the year was my first experience with mackerel fishing." said Billy Bob. "On really light gear, mackerel can be a blast to catch." as Jimdogg shows below left.


The best mackerel I caught was the one I put right back out to live line and caught a 32" striper in

about 5 minutes,The first striper caught on board my boat 'Stripers Fault'." 


This was a day I would rather not remember !
Though we caught over 100 mackerel, it cost more than that for "Rock Bottom" to tow us home!


Nice Wolfish and keeper Cod


The famous lawn chair Photo


May 28, 2006

Dawn's early light found us chasing the birds off Long Island's east end. Plenty of fish with everyone hooking up. I got this 30 inch, with a bad bite mark near the tail. So far this year we are getting plenty of stripers but not a lot of big fish.


This is more like it!

34 inch 15 lbs


2007 a Great Year for Billy Bob!

"I was hoping for Fisherman of the Year the fix is in!!!"


   "Bitter not Me!!!!!!"

Did I mention Ice Fishing????



Billy Bob finds Tom the Turkey hot to trot!!

5/4/08 Following Elmer's #1 Rule "Always keep an Eye on the Other Guy!"

in this case Hen!! No Hunting Allowed Elmer!!!!


2009 the Year of Billy Bob

55 in Bluefin Tuna


January 1, 2010

Billy Bob Crowned

"Bite Me Bait Co" Fisherman of the Year for 2009

Wearing a smile to challenge the Cheshire Cat, Billy Bob humbly accepts the "Fisherman of the Year"  trophy. "This rates as one of the best moments in my fishing career!" crowed Billy Bob.

The video

Cartman, had a moment of dissention, remembering briefly some transgression of last year!

May 8, 2010

Billy Bob and new BMBC member Dave have Mackerel Massacre Florida Style

Billy Bob shows a fine Spanish Mackerel

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