2010 Cod season Open

The weather was typical early spring. Cold, raw, rainy with only a 10 knot wind, perfect for cod fishing. We made the run out to Stellwagon Bank in a grey dawn. Swells from the latest storm to pass by made for a roller coaster journey. We finally spot the "Fleet" sitting on the outside edge of the NE side of the bank. The usual group of six pack charter Captains had no trouble sending the customers home smiling. The north shore charters were there as were the boats from the south shore and Cape. The furthest hails out of Long Island NY and stays in Boston till the cod run starts to fade. Most of the charters will fish for ground fish through May or until Striped Bass and tuna make a showing.


Rock Bottom started things off with a rat but soon started hauling keepers on a regular basis. Pollock hit next and we caught 6 quickly before the school moved on. Holding bottom was a problem all day and 30-40 ounces of weight was needed at times. Most of the fish we boated coughed up sand eels on which they were feeding. Pink teasers were working well catching most of the fish. We did see a couple of whales and some small dolphins swam around the boat for a few minutes adding to the day.


"Excuse me Captain Kelly sir, I believe you are fishing in my spot." whispers Elmer.  "You have been reassigned." announced the Captain. "You spend too much time replacing lost gear. Keep it up and Billy Bob will replace you on the good side of the boat."   "Aye aye Captain #!*%# , I mean Kelly, SIR!


Jimdogg admires one of the cod in the hold and Billy Bob shows the Captain he's worthy. Most fish  were 24-29 inches long and the pollock made the day.


Back in his spot Elmer makes the best of it. Billy Bob hooks his fish with the six pack carry.


Fish on the deck is always a plus and Billy Bob tenderly unhooks a 23 inch fish to be returned until next year.

On a side note, the severe winter storms have driven a lot of sand and mud back into the mouth of Green Harbor causing boat traffic to  schedule trips around low tide again. Officials say that the situation is being addressed and will soon be rectified.